YoudleDAO $TNKR Airdrop 🎁

3 min readOct 19, 2022

Several weeks ago, the InvArch Network team (who is also behind Tinkernet & YoudleDAO) announced plans for a $TNKR token airdrop for members of YoudleDAO🌐 so that they may be fully equipped to utilize the DAOist CDK.

The DAOist CDK will be a fat client launcher for DAOs & will initially launch on the Tinkernet parachain. The DAOist CDK will be a revolutionary tool that brings true web3 governance to the masses by seamlessly integrating with Discord👾 as a user interface for DAO members.

To underscore the significance of the DAOist CDK & the role it will play in the future of the InvArch Network, the team is happy to announce that 3% of the total $TNKR supply will be allocated toward YoudleDAO & its members! 2% of the supply will be allocated in the form of vested airdrops, and 1% of the supply will be allocated toward the YoudleDAO Treasury.

Terms & Timelines.

There will be two distribution waves for members of YoudleDAO:

• One will take place this Saturday, October 22nd, 2022.
• The second distribution wave will take place on December 2nd, 2022.
• Each distribution wave will consist of 1% of the initial $TNKR supply.
• This is equal to 234,000 $TNKR; 117,000 $TNKR over two waves.

Airdropped $TNKR will be vested among all recipients:

• Each wave will have its own 1-year vesting schedule.
• 10% will be unlocked, 90% vested over approximately 1 year.
• Vesting will be linear & by block.

Treasury Allocation Plans.

One of the powerful features of the DAOist CDK is that DAOs will be able to manage on-chain DAO treasuries (& sub-DAO/sub-treasuries) directly through Discord.

The YoudleDAO treasury currently has just over 450 $KSM staked on Karura (accumulated from 20% of primary market sales + 100% of secondary market royalties), which will now be joined by an additional 117,000 $TNKR. There are two immediate things to expect regarding these funds:

1: They will be staked as soon as the OCIF protocol goes live on Tinkernet.
2: Full control over the treasury will be transferred to the members of YoudleDAO once Youdles migrates to the Tinkernet parachain.

Distribution Break downs

The following breaks downs apply to those who hold (bronze tickets) and/or have redeemed their respective tickets (for silver & gold tickets):

Bronze: 700 tickets | 105.2 TNKR each | 73,640 Total
Silver: 35 Tickets | 1,577.5 TNKR each | 55,212.5 Total
Gold: 25 Tickets | 4,206.7 TNKR each | 105,147.5 Total

However, members of the InvArch team & its advisors will be forgoing 90% of their allocations; approximately 37,860.3 TNKR, and will instead distribute these funds equally among Bronze Tickets holders.

This will cause the distribution to look more like so:

Bronze: 700 tickets | ~159.2 TNKR each | 111,500.3 Total
Silver: 35 Tickets | 1,577.5 TNKR each | 55,212.5 Total
Gold: 15 Tickets | 4,206.7 TNKR each | 67,287.2 Total

Snapshots & Distribution Times

Snapshots will be taken at 8:00 PM UTC & TNKR will be distributed shortly after. If you haven’t grabbed a Youdle Ticket, now is the time!

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