YoudleDAO Rainbow Ticket Event!

2 min readSep 21, 2022

Hello Youdles!

The past couple of weeks has been an amazing time for the YoudleDAO initiative. The project has quickly become one of the most talked about topics in the Dotsama ecosystem, and Youdle Ticket NFT sales took over the scene.

With nearly 350 individual holders & just shy of 1,500 $KSM in total volume, YoudleDAO & the Youdles NFT collection has cultivated an amazing community. The most amazing part of this all is that these holders were attracted to the project for its technical advancements; for the innovation it brings!

However, now that YoudleDAO consists of so many amazing & respected individuals from the Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem, there are many wishing they had gotten to the party just a tad earlier.

After seeing waves of custom & semi-custom Youdles being minted, holders are becoming aware of just how powerful it is to be able to customize your Youdle.

So today, YoudleDAO proposes an interesting offer…

Rainbow Tickets

Holders of “1 x Youdle” Ticket NFTs have the rare opportunity to exchange one of their tickets for a Rainbow Youdle Ticket.


Only 50 Rainbow Tickets will be given out this way. 50 additional rainbow tickets will be listed at a later date with a floor price of 10 $KSM each.

Rainbow Tickets will be redeemable toward any item of any rarity available in the Youdles Vault.

In order to receive a Rainbow Ticket, applicable YoudleDAO members are asked to fill out this form:

Please note that in order to be chosen to receive a Rainbow Ticket, you must hold at least 2 Youdle Tickets. Please wait 24 hours before anticipating a reply.

Youdles Vault

When all of the randomly generated Youdles are minted, there will be a large pool of leftover components that didn’t make it as a result of the random generation. However, these accessories aren’t lost.

A catalog of components for Youdles NFTs will exist for holders to access by redeeming a Youdle Ticket. In the future, the only way to access the vault will be by redeeming a “1 x Youdle” Ticket in exchange for a randomly generated Youdle, or by selecting directly from the catalog by redeeming a Rainbow Ticket.

A full table breakdown of Youdles traits, accessories, & rarity will be released this Saturday.




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