TNKR Distribution Event!

2 min readAug 19, 2022

The time has finally come to announce the distribution of the TNKR token rewards following a very successful Kusama Network crowdloan!

How to Claim $TNKR:

The process for crowdloan participants to claim their token rewards is pretty simple & straightforward.

  1. Visit: to access the app UI for claiming your tokens.
  2. Contributors will then need to connect the account they used to contribute during the Tinkernet crowdloan by connecting their Polkadot.js supported wallet.

3. After successfully connecting the same account used to participate in the Tinkernet crowdloan on Kusama, contributors should be able to see their available, vested, transferable, & total TNKR token rewards.

4. 30% of the initial TNKR rewards are immediately unlocked & should be available to everyone who has successfully contributed.

5. No TNKR is required to claim the initial 30% unlocked; however, TNKR will be a required currency to cover the transaction fees of claiming unlocked vested tokens in the future.

That’s it. It’s that easy!

With TNKR tokens, users can now use the Tinkernet Parachain!

To date, the team has released the INV4-GIT tool that allows developers to use the Tinkernet Parachain to mint their git repositories, store them, & manage them all on chain! Users can also use the Tinkernet Parachain to mint IP Sets & other IP Assets through the Polkadot.js UI:

The team is currently working on its premier dApp: GitArch, which will serve as a fully decentralized & censorship-resistant solution to centralized git hosting providers such as GitHub & GitLab, who have recently flexed their power to both suspend developer accounts, censor codebases, & even delete open-source code repositories.

In due time, the team will release a more user-friendly UI for the Tinkernet Chain itself; however, the team is prioritizing its efforts on GitArch in the wake of the Tornado Cash Incident.

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