The “It’s Grow Time!” Community Sale Event: Participation Guide

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Welcome to the “It’s Grow Time!” Community Sale Event: Participation Guide! In this guide, we will break down all the steps needed on how to successfully participate in the event and explain its mechanics!

A Brief Overview of the Event

To support the launch of the InvArch Network, the InvArch team has created the “It’s Grow Time” Community Event, an NFT event for the InvArch community, our partners, and supporters. It is the team’s sincere act of gratitude to the entire InvArch community for its contributions to the project since its inception. And with that, VARCH tokens will be given to loyal supporters through the Community Sale Event airdrop for those that acquire an InvArch Access Pass NFT.

Holders of the InvArch Access Passes NFTs will receive an airdrop of 2000 $VARCH tokens for each pass that is purchased. The VARCH Airdrop will take place following the TGE.

Sale start date and time:

Community Phase: February 13th at 4:00 PM UTC

Ecosystem Phase: February 14th at 4:00 PM UTC

Public Phase: February 16th at 4:00 PM UTC

Event Ends: February 20th at 4:00 PM UTC

More details are provided in the announcement article and on the event page.

Now that we’ve gone through a brief overview of the event, let’s dive into the guide on how to participate successfully!

The InvArch Team has prepared both a video guide (above) and a written guide (below) for you to follow!

How to Participate

To participate in the event, you will need a Polkadot-compatible wallet and some DOT tokens. In this guide, we will demonstrate using the Talisman wallet!

To enter the site, head over to this link here:

After you enter the site, you will need to connect your wallet to the dApp.

In the wallet, enable the account(s) that you want to connect to the dApp.

Hit the “Connect Account” button and choose the account you want to participate in the event with.

*If you want to connect a different account, you will have to reload the page.

If your account is not whitelisted for the current round, you will see the following message and a time countdown, indicating how much time remains until the next round you are whitelisted to participate in.

If your account is whitelisted (or it is time for a public round), you should see the Community Sale Event interface (see below).

  1. Your total purchased NFTs from all rounds
  2. Remaining NFT limit (25 for the Community Round, 50 for the Ecosystem Round, 100 for the Public Round). *Rounds are summarized
  3. Your DOT balance
  4. Current active round
  5. Countdown to the beginning of the next round
  6. NFT information
  7. Quantity Field (Here, input how many NFTs of the current type you are looking to buy)

After entering the number of desired NFTs you will have to click on the “Purchase” button and approve the transaction in your wallet.

And there you have it! You now know how to successfully participate in the “It’s Grow Time” Community Sale Event and how to purchase an InvArch Access Pass NFT using our dApp 👏

For any further questions or other inquiries, please reach out the InvArch Network Core Team through the InvArch Network Discord Server via the ❓| questions server channel.

Thank you for following this participation guide for the “It’s Grow Time” Community Sale Event, at the InvArch Network! The InvArch Team could not be more excited to finally hold this event and to see all of you further support the entire network by growing with us! 🚀

We don’t want your email, but we’d love for you to join our community! 💜

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