The InvArch Network Crowdloan on Polkadot is BACK!

5 min readMay 26, 2023

The InvArch Network crowdloan is back & more rewarding than ever before! One month ago, the InvArch Network achieved the fantastic accomplishment of maxing out its crowdloan by raising 150k DOT from members of the Polkadot community. The InvArch Network crowdloan saw more individual participants than any other crowdloan had seen in months, dating all the way back to August of 2022!

From this point of view, the InvArch Network crowdloan on Polkadot was an incredible success; however, at the last moment, the Acala Foundation swooped in with an anonymous self-bid that exceeded the InvArch Network’s hard cap & seized the last slot of the action period away from InvArch. However, this only delayed the inevitable. Nearly one month later, the InvArch Network is launching its second crowdloan & entering the competition again & stronger than ever before!

Project Overview

InvArch is a highly optimized network for launching decentralized communities, borderless businesses, & unstoppable organizations on Polkadot & beyond! Simply put, InvArch is the DAO hub of the new decentralized economic future.

The InvArch Network is far from your average blockchain. While most blockchains are designed in a way to enhance the developer experience for those building on them, the InvArch Network enhances the user & developer experience across multiple blockchains using the power of Polkadot’s XCM protocol.

The InvArch Network will join the Polkadot ecosystem as both a Service Parachain & an application-specific network. As a Service Parachain, InvArch will empower parachains across Polkadot with its dynamic Saturn Multichain Multisig solution & unlock the power of bridgeless multichain asset management & modular DAO treasury systems. As an application-specific network, InvArch will feature powerful & intuitive solutions for easily launching DAOs & connecting with an integrations hub full of DAO tooling & services deployed on other blockchains.

Recent Updates

The InvArch Network’s Saturn Multisig solution, which has recently taken the Polkadot ecosystem by storm, is set to give Polkadot a unique competitive advantage over other ecosystems by providing a multichain multisig solution that realizes the ability for a single multisig account to operate across all blockchains in a trustless & non-custodial manner.

The InvArch Network also allows ecosystem builders to tap into the power of Saturn through the Saturn SDK, a software development kit that helps developers easily integrate support for Saturn directly into their apps. Teams that have signaled an interest in integrating support for Saturn include, but are not limited to, Talisman, SubWallet, Nova Wallet, PolkaSafe, & StellaSwap.

The InvArch canary network on Kusama, the InvArch Tinkernet, has delivered strongly over the past year. The TNKR token distribution took place within one month of the network’s launch & TNKR achieved price discovery on Basilisk Finance where it was then listed on the DEX. The Tinkernet LBP helped welcome in one of the most rewarding crowdloans on Kusama, neck & neck with only Moonriver. Following up on this, the OCIF protocol went live & DAO Staking was introduced to the ecosystem. Today, YoudleDAO, WagMedia, & ChaosDAO all receive community-driven funding through the InvArch Tinkernet & DAO Staking.

InvArch Crowdloan Details

There have been some changes made to the InvArch crowdloan rewards compared to the project’s last crowdloan & contributors can look forward to even greater rewards than before! Please note that the bonus rewards for the InvArch crowdloan have been amended as well & consist of three categories: Contribution Bonuses, Milestone Bonuses, and Loyalty Bonuses.

Rewards structure:

  • 4% of the total supply is being allocated toward crowdloan rewards
  • 350,000 DOT is looking to be raised through this process.
  • This means that for every 1 DOT provided, 114.285 VARCH is rewarded.
  • 10% will be initially unlocked & 90% will be vested over 2 years.
  • After 2 years, 100% of all crowdloaned DOT will be returned.

Contribution Bonuses:

Please note that only the highest earned Contribution Bonus will be applied. Contribution Bonuses stack with Milestone Bonuses & Loyalty Bonuses.

  • Contributions of 100 DOT or more will receive a 5% bonus.
  • Contributions of 500 DOT or more will receive a 10% bonus.
  • Contributions of 2,500 DOT or more will receive a 15% bonus.
  • Contributions of 10,000 DOT or more will receive a 20% bonus.
  • The top 20 contributions will receive 5,000 TNKR each.

Milestone Bonuses:

Milestone bonuses are triggered after the InvArch crowdloan raises a certain threshold of DOT. These bonuses are applied to all contributions made within the window of a threshold being reached. Milestone Bonuses stack with one another, in addition to stacking with any earned Contribution Bonuses and/or Loyalty Bonuses.

  • Upon raising 100k DOT, contributors receive a 33% bonus.
  • Upon Raising 200k DOT, contributors receive a 33% bonus.
  • Upon Raising 300k DOT, contributors receive a 33% bonus.

Loyalty Bonuses:

Special bonuses apply to loyal & returning members of the InvArch Network community. Loyalty Bonuses stack with one another, in addition to stacking with any earned Contribution Bonuses and/or Milestone Bonuses.

  • Contributors who hold an InvArch Access Pass NFT during the VARCH token distribution event will also receive a bonus of 5%
  • Individuals who contributed to the first InvArch crowdloan will receive a bonus of 5% on rewards received from the InvArch crowdloan.
  • Individuals who contributed to the Tinkernet crowdloan will receive a bonus of 2.5% on rewards received from the InvArch crowdloan.

Crowdloan Timeline & Participation

The InvArch Network crowdloan is already live, which means that you can already begin contributing to the project’s crowdloan!

The InvArch Network crowdloan will be live through slot auctions #44 & #45 or until the project wins its slot auction, whichever happens first.

Bidding on slot #44 is expected to begin on June 1st, 2023. Bidding on slot #45 is expected to end in early July 2023.

To participate in the InvArch Network crowdloan, individuals have multiple options (this list will be updated as more participation channels open):

  • Contribute directly through the Nova Wallet mobile app with just a few clicks, just open your wallet & click on “Vote” and then head over to “Crowdloans.”
  • For you devs out there, you can also head to the Polkadot.js app & contribute directly through there. Just make sure you contribute to the row starting with the number 3,340 under the “ongoing” section of the crowdloan page!
  • In the coming days, individuals will also be able to contribute their DOT to earn VARCH and vsDOT through Bifrost Finance!

See you on the relay!

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