The InvArch ‘Brainstorm’ Testnet Has Launched!

4 min readMay 23, 2022


Watch The Tutorial Video Below To Get Started!

Today we have deployed our solo-chain testnet, Brainstorm! For those that have been anticipating our permanent and unincentivized testnet launch, we created this guide to help you get started and familiar with how to operate this testnet.

Step 1: Setting up your polkadot{.js} wallet
(*You can skip this step if you have already set up your wallet)

*If you have not set up your own polkadot.js wallet, please visit to download the polkadot{.js} extension (for Chrome or Firefox browsers)

To set up your polkadot{.js} account with the Brainstorm Testnet, ensure that your account is set to “Allow use on any chain” (see below).

Step 2: Go to

If you have never visited this before, it will (by default) direct you to the Polkadot Chain.

Step 3: Accessing the Brainstorm testnet

Click on the dropdown menu on the top-left corner where it says “Polkadot: polkadot/9190 #10,XXX,XXX;”

Click on Polkadot & Parachains to collapse this dropdown menu of chains to make things easier to navigate

Next, click on Test Networks > click on InvArch Brainstorm Testnet

Scroll back up and click on Switch (it will highlight with a pink background)

You will then be asked by the polkadot.js extension to authorize the application (polkadot.js explorer > Brainstorm Testnet) to access your account > Click on “Yes, allow this application access”

You will then be directed to the InvArch Brainstorm Testnet.

*When you reload the page with the initial link we started this guide with (, it will automatically load the last chain you accessed, in this case, the InvArch Brainstorm Testnet.

Step 4: Get your 🧠⛈️ tokens!

Open a new tab (while leaving your tab open from the last step)
Go to this link —

Under “Faucet” click on the dropdown menu to bring up your polkadot.js account(s) (*If you have more than one, select the account you want to use for Brainstorm, ensure that it is set to “Allow use on any chain”)

Then, click on “Get Tokens” to acquire your tokens!
- You will know you have successfully acquired your tokens when you see your balance change from 0 to 1.000k and see a message saying “Finalized. Block hash…etc.”

Step 5: Update your metadata

Go back to your tab

Click on Settings > Metadata > Update metadata

Another pop-up will appear asking for your approval to update the metadata to your extension, click “Yes, do this metadata update”

If you participated in our previous initial testnet launch (formerly called Tinker), everything that you were able to do in that iteration of our testnet is still available with Brainstorm, but the following additions have been made:

  • IP Token Sub-Assets
  • IP Licensing on-chain permissions (i.e., access rights, management rights)
  • You can set on-chain permissions like a DAO; all of your IP Sets can behave like a DAO with DAO-like permissions

*To review such use-cases and operations demonstrated with the previous testnet launch, click on this link:

From here on out, you are now ready to go with our Brainstorm testnet!

To get into the more nitty-gritty technical details and demonstrations of the Brainstorm testnet (more for our technical community members and developers), our Head of Technology and Co-Founder, Gabe, prepared a video that you can watch at any time:

The InvArch team is excited to see what all of you can do or have been planning to do with Brainstorm! This testnet is unincentivized and will be running indefinitely, therefore it is truly a safe space for you to test out your ideas by leveraging InvArch technology!




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