Say Hello To YoudleDAO 🌐

6 min readAug 4, 2022

👾 YoudleDAO will be a community-controlled DAO that focuses on the continued prosperity & growth of the Dotsama ecosystem. 🧠

The DAO will showcase & utilize some of the most advanced on-chain features in web3. YoudleDAO will not just feature a multi-layer governance structure but also enforce its operations trustlessly & transparently on-chain.

The DAO will launch a community-owned Discord server that will be the first of its kind, powered by the leading-edge of off-chain computation, multi-signature ownership, & novel cross-chain innovations.

The YoudleDAO Experience ⚙️

YoudleDAO will begin its Journey with the launch of the Youdles NFT collection on the Singular NFT Marketplace. Youdles will experience a life traveling through the evolution of NFT technology. As this journey progresses, Youdles will be the first to experience some of the most radical and empowering leading-edge innovations throughout NFTs, DAOs, & smart contracts. The journey will take part over four (4) phases:

  • NFT 1.0 (Single resource NFTs, commonly used as profile pictures)
  • RMRK 2.0 (Composable, customizable, multi-component NFTs)
  • INV4-RMRK (DAOs, Multi-Sig, Treasuries, Governance, Reputation)
  • XCA-INV4 (Proofed across multiple chains & environments for plagiarism)

The objective of YoudleDAO is to foster disruptive projects and incubate the brightest minds & innovative teams in Web3. The plan is to accept one project every 6–12 months at first, providing one of the strongest & most immediate arms of grass-root support available by providing specialized services across various fields such as development, marketing, design, networking, & even education.

The various roles throughout YoudleDAO & the ability to govern over their fields are determined by the classes shared among each Youdle.

The Youdles NFT Collection 🖼

Youdles is intentionally designed for the sake of this journey through NFT evolution & to serve as prime volunteers to showcase InvArch & RMRK technologies 🚀 Every Youdle component & feature is hand-drawn by InvArch Network designer Yaroslav, more commonly known as @GGRN_cryptonaut.

  • 21 Youdles will be custom made & purposefully pieced together.
  • 30 Youdles will be able to guarantee three of their features.
  • 950 Youdles will be randomly generated across sets of Youdle groups.

Only 10 custom Youdles will be available to obtain. Another 10 have previously been allocated for members of the InvArch team, in addition to 1 Youdle that has been reserved for serving as the face of the Youdle collection: Youdle #0000 (Gavin Woudle 🍻). These 21 custom Youdles will provide full access & voting privileges throughout the DAO, in addition to a higher magnitude of voting weight than other Youdles.

There will be 10 “Custom Youdle Ticket” NFTs available on Singular to purchase, burn, applied to claim one of the custom Youdles.

30 Youdles will later be available through a similar Youdle ticket sale. These Youdles will come with more immediate customizations, DAO access, & voting weight than most Youdles.

The remaining 950 Youdles will be randomly generated. Out of these:

  • 700 Youdles will be listed on Singular.
  • 250 will be reserved as “Earn-Only.”

“Earn-Only” means only attainable through DAO participation by non-Youdle holders. Non-Youdle holding DAO interns will automatically unlock these Youdles after achieving enough reputation in YoudleDAO. This allows individuals to earn their voice in the DAO if they cannot obtain a Youdle through the first or secondary market. 💜

Showcasing InvArch Technology

On top of the extraordinary enhancements provided by the INV4 protocol on the InvArch Tinkernet, Youdles will also be the first to undergo cross-chain authentication using the cross-chain authentication (XCA) protocol being realized by the InvArch team. Youdles will make history as the first plagiarism-resistant (and one-day plagiarism-proof) NFT assets!

Youdles will be cross-referenced against various NFTs across various ecosystems & provided a “hamming-distance” or similarity score across all of the assets they were referenced against! One day, these scores will provide statuses that trustlessly safeguard all Youdles across all of Web3 from IP theft & unauthorized copyright. Youdles will even know when a similar asset comes into existence 😎

YoudleDAO Advancements

The DAO will be built using a series of new NFT-primitives introduced to the Kusama ecosystem by the Tinkernet Parachain. Additionally, the DAO will be powered by utility-specific smart contracts called Smart Licenses & the realization of trustless computations regarding off-chain services will result from Phala Network’s Fat Contracts.

YoudleDAO members will accumulate on-chain reputation using multiple types of non-transferrable fungible tokens in combination with an on-chain leveling system. This underlying system will provide transparency over DAO membership, notoriety, advancement, & influence.


The DAO will feature various communication channels, such as a general public square, group-exclusive channels, and combinations of groups governing shared interests.

Youdles will be given shared ownership over the YoudleDAO treasury, which consists of 20% of the initial Youdle NFT sale revenue on top of 100% of continued royalties, token allocations from other projects, & $TNKR tokens accrued from IP Staking. A native stablecoin will also join the list in the future, no doubt. 🕊

Wen & Where Youdles? 👀

The first phase of YoudleDAO kicks off with the mint & sale of the Custom Youdle Tickets on the Singular NFT marketplace, starting on the day of this article’s publishing: August 4th, at 6:00 PM EST / 10:00 PM UTC.

10 Custom Youdle Tickets will be listed at a starting price of 50 $KSM. Every 6 hours, the asking price will be reduced by 1 $KSM until hitting a floor of 40 $KSM. Purchasers will receive:

  • A custom Youdle tailored to match their appearance.
  • A custom background, custom features, & custom accessories.
  • Voting Power: 10 | Access-Level: 3 | Base Rep: 100/1000

30 Special Youdle Vouchers will be listed later (no later than August 11th) at a starting price of 25 $KSM. Every 6 hours, the asking price will be reduced by 1 $KSM until hitting a floor of 15 $KSM. Purchasers will receive:

  • 2 custom features & 1 custom accessory.
  • Voting Power: 5| Access-Level: 2 | Base Rep: 50/800

Concluding the sales & creation of the first 51 Youdles, the remaining 950 Youdles will be minted. Out of these, 700 Youdles will be listed on Singular starting at 1 $KSM. Purchasers will receive:

  • 1 randomly generated Youdle
  • Voting Power: 1| Access-Level: 1 | Base Rep: 1/500

You can stay up-to-date on all things Youdles by following YoudleDAO on Twitter: 🐦

Check out the current Youdles on Singular:

Keep your eye on the Custom Youdle Tickets:

After the first round of Youdle Ticket sales for community communication, an initial Discord Server will be established. Later, at the launch of the DAO, the server will be enhanced for INV4 & its ownership will be decentralized 👾




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