🪐 Saturn: The Future of Multi-Party Ownership.

8 min readApr 22, 2023


Introducing the Saturn Multisig, a multi-party ownership protocol designed to be the most dynamic & future-proof multi-signature solution in the world. Multisigs today are restricted to the chain that they are deployed on, requiring a separate & disconnected multisig to be deployed on another chain in order to manage native assets on that chain — a fractured experience for users. With the Saturn Multisig, a single multisig deployment is all it takes to unlock bridgeless & non-custodial multichain access across any network.

Saturn is a non-custodial solution for bridgeless multichain asset management that is designed to provide all of its users, whether they be individuals, communities, organizations, or institutions, with the ability to navigate across all of web3 seamlessly, as a single unit, and without barriers.

Designed for the multichain future

Utilizing a series of protocols on the InvArch Network, including a Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS), and using the Polkadot Network’s Cross-Consensus Messaging (XCM) format, a single multisig account will be able to own, manage, & utilize assets across Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, Cosmos, Binance, and the list goes on. Just as a single person today can own & utilize multiple accounts across different blockchain ecosystems to access those ecosystems, the Saturn Multisig allows a single multisig account to securely own & utilize multiple accounts across different blockchain ecosystems.

A universal layer for multi-party ownership & computation

Threshold signatures are used to achieve secure off-chain signing & off-chain account management. This unlocks the ability for a single multisig deployment on the InvArch Network to securely own external accounts on other networks such as Bitcoin & Ethereum as previously mentioned. Native accounts from those networks are securely managed & utilized through Saturn using a TSS protocol for multiparty computation.

This allows the Saturn Multisig to act as a single gateway for multiple accounts to share ownership & governance over assets on all blockchains. This includes the ability to utilize dApps on those networks, vote using assets on those networks, or even stake assets natively on different networks. As a result of its design, the InvArch Network & Saturn Multisig are able to serve as a dynamic layer for DAOs & multi-party ownership across any & all blockchains.

Built with user experience in mind

A multisig setup using Saturn comes with a suite of optional features intended for fluid user experiences & with dynamic organizational needs in mind. Accounts sharing ownership over a Saturn multisig can feature customized rules, roles, & permissions, and are complemented by intuitive voting frameworks. Furthermore, the Polkadot/Substrate tech stack allows the InvArch Network to feature gasless transactions for multisigs, this includes fee-free voting & transaction signing for users & DAOs.

Gasless transactions can be unlocked by bonding the native token of the InvArch Network, VARCH, to the network. Multisigs will be able to bond VARCH for each individual account onboarded to a multisig in order to unlock gasless transactions for those accounts within that multisig.

Otherwise, transaction fees to deploy & utilize a Saturn multisig deployed on the InvArch Network may be paid using either VARCH or DOT tokens. Multisigs deployed on the InvArch Tinkernet, an incentivized & live-testing environment, can cover transaction fees using either TNKR or KSM tokens. Support for other currencies may be added in the future, and the respective network tokens of each blockchain a Saturn multisig is operating on would also be needed. At least, until automatic transaction fee swaps are enabled.

Looking towards the future, Saturn is designed to realize & support account abstraction through various clients, which is able to be easily integrated using the Saturn SDK (launching Q2, 2023). Additionally, account rotations will also be included as a security-enhancing feature for users as a feature.

With the Saturn SDK, the wallets & web applications that individuals already know, use, & love, can easily integrate support for Saturn Multisigs. This doesn’t just increase the channels in which a Saturn multisig can be accessed, but it also serves to empower the user experience of any & all front-end clients & applications that support Saturn — allowing them to almost instantly be positioned to provide the most powerful multisig experience in the industry to their users.

Destined for greatness.

Saturn is set to provide the best experience in the industry when it comes to multisig accounts. Whether it's by empowering web3 clients & dApps across various networks using the Saturn SDK, or giving institutional clients a seamless & uninhibited way to securely manage their assets across any network, the Saturn multisig comes with a vision for being the gold standard of multisigs.

Users will be able to construct multi-bodied organizations of multiple connected multisigs, consisting of different users across these respective multisigs & featuring fine-tuned roles, permissions, & asset automation flows to fit an organization's need. Using Saturn, a fully-fledged organizational structure can be established & deployed on-chain.

Example for a DAO structure using Saturn.

DAOs will be able to define custom governance logic into their Saturn multisig, turning Saturn into a DAO’s very foundation where its assets are managed & operating logic is enforced. This is complemented by Saturn’s ability to upgrade & enact on-chain changes to a multisig’s rules & logic via governance votes performed by the multisig — on-chain, transparent, and self-executing governance.

Vaults can be established for use across any DeFi protocol, allowing multisig users & organizations to fully engage in the world of decentralized finance. Multisig accounts can also provide custom, limited, gated, or even timed access to outside members, such as the ability to conduct trades on a specific platform using a predefined allocation of funds, earning an automatically allocated share of profits for the trader while the true owners of a multisig retain custody & security over the assets being traded.

A more simple yet extremely powerful use case is using Saturn to engage in multichain liquid staking & network governance through a single multisig. This all allows elaborate & lucrative income models to be implemented for DAOs — all using Saturn!

Overview of automated income flows between treasuries.

Additionally, support will be added following integrations between the Phala Network & InvArch Network parachains that will allow Saturn Multisigs to also own & manage web2 accounts, such as social media profiles & linked accounts, in a decentralized, secure, & trustless manner. This will first be showcased by using a Saturn Multisig on InvArch & Phat Contracts on Phala to decentralize ownership over a Discord server & convert Discord servers into interfaces for on-chain DAOs by routing all server owner actions through a Saturn Multisig using secure & trustless off-chain computation.

A new future

Current leading multisig solutions today, such as Gnosis Safe, are not just limited to a single ecosystem, but they limit their deployments to a single chain. While this is far from the best solution, it has primarily been the only solution available to individuals & institutions, which has helped Gnosis Safe alone to manage over $100 billion in digital assets.

With the Saturn Multisig providing not just a more featureful experience for individuals & institutions, but also providing a more seamless & fluid experience complemented by the ability to operate across all blockchains as a single multisig entity, the core team behind the Saturn Multisig confidently believe that Saturn will one day be used to manage over $1 trillion dollars across numerous blockchain networks.

With Saturn, applications will be able to easily track & display multichain portfolio values using Saturn, in all, providing a smooth experience that web3 users & curious web2 institutions have been seeking for a long time.

The Saturn Starmap

The realization of Saturn will be achieved over 3 major releases, deployed on the InvArch Network. The first release is planned for no later than mid-Q2, 2023. Saturn will be released on the InvArch Tinkernet before launching on the InvArch Network. Tinkernet is the experimental sister chain of the InvArch Network launched on the Kusama relay chain, whereas the InvArch Network is a parachain launching on the Polkadot relay chain.

The initial release of Saturn will focus on adoption through pre-existing clients & services in the Polkadot ecosystem through the adoption of the Saturn SDK.

Saturn v1 — Initial Polkadot Ecosystem Launch
• Ability to service every Polkadot parachain & dApp.
• Bridgeless multichain asset management.
• Multichain transaction signing.
• Custom voting thresholds.

After its initial release on Polkadot, Saturn will be iterated over with a focus on enhancing its available features. This release will realize the final touches needed to prime Saturn to take over the industry through its features that will provide seamless & intuitive experiences for its users.

At this time, a custom UI specifically tailored around Saturn will be deployed on the InvArch Network, acting as the multichain gateway for organizations in Web3.

Saturn v2 — Feature Boosting
• Account abstraction & NFTs as accounts.
• Custom multisig dApp widgets.
• Auto-asset routing & branched treasuries.
• Security enhancing account rotations.
• Gasless transactions for users.

After Saturn has seen its list of core features enhanced, the multisig will be going multichain. At this time, the floodgates open & Saturn will be focused on realizing the ultimate multichain experience and servicing chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, the Cosmos ecosystem, and so on.

The beauty of Saturn is that while it is powered & deployed on one chain, users may never even be aware of this as they fulfill their multisig needs across Web3. In the end, users will be able to onboard new members using either their Substrate (Polkadot ecosystem native) based accounts, EVM-based accounts & ENS tied accounts, accounts via NFT ownership, or even their Web2 socials in addition to web3name credentials.

Saturn v3 — A Multichain Gateway
• Non-custodial off-chain account ownership.
• Support for multichain bridging services.
• Automatic gas fee swaps (bring your own gas).
• Ability to service any blockchain & utilize their dApps.

Stay Informed on Saturn

To catch the latest announcements on Saturn, individuals should follow the InvArch Network & InvArch Tinkernet accounts on Twitter, keep their eyes on upcoming changes to the InvArch website, and don’t forget to hop in the InvArch Discord to join nearly 30,000 community members getting ready for Saturn!

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