Polkadot Crowdloan for the InvArch Network is LIVE!

5 min readMar 11, 2023

The InvArch Network Crowdloan is live on the Polkadot network & it involves an array of bonuses for contributors. InvArch has quickly grown to become one of the strongest & most anticipated projects within the entire Polkadot ecosystem, and now it is finally making its move to join the relay!

Project Overview

InvArch is a highly optimized network for launching decentralized communities, borderless businesses, & unstoppable organizations on Polkadot & beyond! Simply put, InvArch is the DAO hub of the new decentralized economic future.

The InvArch Network is far from your average blockchain. While most blockchains are designed in a way to enhance the developer experience for those building on them, the InvArch Network enhances the user & developer experience across multiple blockchains using the power of Polkadot’s XCM protocol.

The Big F*cking Deal

The InvArch Network will join the Polkadot ecosystem as both a Service Parachain & an application-specific network. As a Service Parachain, InvArch will empower parachains across Polkadot with a dynamic multi-signature solution, known as Saturn, & unlock the power of bridgeless multichain asset management & modular DAO treasury systems. As an application-specific network, InvArch will feature powerful & intuitive solutions for easily launching DAOs & connecting with an integrations hub full of DAO tooling & services deployed on other blockchains.

This is a massive deal for the Polkadot ecosystem! The InvArch Network team has already publicly shared their intentions to tap into the powers of external networks on the Polkadot relay such as KILT Network & its powerful suite of DID solutions, Astar Network & its incredibly versatile XVM featuring both EVM & WASM support, Phala Network & its revolutionary off-chain compute services via Phat Contracts, and to service dApps deployed on the Moonbeam Network; and this is just the beginning!

Seriously, the founders can go on for ages discussing their vision for integrating with & servicing all the various parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem. It’s pretty awesome.

Led by the minds of founders Dakota Barnett & Gabriel Facco de Arruda, the InvArch Network is well known throughout the Paraverse for its innovative solutions & the undying passion of its team to fully unleash some of the best cross-chain use cases seen throughout the industry. Dakota comes with a deep understanding of organizational structures & governance operations due to his past life working in government & politics in the United States. Gabriel has flourished into an ecosystem legend, a member of the Polkadot Fellowship, and possibly the most talented Substrate Developer building in the ecosystem outside of Parity Technologies & the Web3 Foundation.

Crowdloan Rewards & Bonus

So, now that everyone understands why the InvArch Network is such a big deal, let’s dive into the good stuff that most of the readers are likely here for — the InvArch Network crowdloan rewards & bonus structures!

At face value, the crowdloan rewards for participating in the InvArch Network crowdloan are pretty straightforward:

  • 1.5% of the total supply is being allocated toward crowdloan rewards
  • 150,000 DOT is looking to be raised through this process.
  • This means that for every 1 DOT provided, 100 VARCH is rewarded.
  • 20% will be initially unlocked & 80% will be vested over 2 years.
  • After 2 years, 100% of all crowdloaned DOT will be returned.
Lock your DOT, get VARCH, and later on, you get your DOT back. Easy!

However, it wouldn’t be the InvArch core team’s style to keep things simple, which is why the team is announcing bonus rewards for contributors who qualify. How do you qualify & what do you get? Find out below!👇

  • Individuals who contribute 500 DOT or more will receive a 5% bonus.
  • Individuals who contribute 1000 DOT or more will receive a 7.5% bonus.
  • Individuals who contribute 1500 DOT or more will receive a 10% bonus.
  • Contributors who hold an InvArch Access Pass NFT during the VARCH token distribution event will also receive a bonus of 5% which may stack with any of the additional bonuses mentioned above based on the quantity of DOT they contribute.
  • Individuals who contributed to the Tinkernet crowdloan will receive a bonus of 2.5% on rewards received from the InvArch crowdloan. This bonus stacks with any of the additional bonuses mentioned above based on the quantity of DOT they contribute, but does not stack with the bonus received by holding an InvArch Access Pass NFT during the VARCH token distribution event.

To break it down further through a few scenarios:

  1. If the holder of an InvArch Access Pass NFT contributes 500 DOT, their total bonus would be 10%.
  2. If the holder of an InvArch Access Pass NFT contributes 499 DOT, then they would have a standard bonus of 5%.
  3. If an individual who doesn’t hold an InvArch Access Pass NFT contributes 1170 DOT, then they would qualify for a 7.5% bonus.
  4. If an individual who doesn’t hold an InvArch Access Pass NFT contributes 50 DOT then they would not receive any bonus.

Additionally, the top 20 individual contributors (not counting the InvArch Network team account) will receive an additional bonus of 5,000 TNKR each & a YoudleDAO NFT.

Crowdloan Timeline & Participation

The InvArch Network crowdloan is already live, which means that you can already begin contributing to the project’s crowdloan!

The InvArch Network crowdloan will be live through slot auctions #42 & #43 or until the project wins its slot auction, whichever happens first.

Bidding on slot #42 is expected to begin on March 25th, 2023. Bidding on slot #43 is expected to end in late April 2023.

To participate in the InvArch Network crowdloan, individuals have multiple options (this list will be updated as more participation channels open):

  • Contribute directly through the Nova Wallet mobile app with just a few clicks, just open your wallet & click on “Vote” and then head over to “Crowdloans.” Make sure to contribute to Parachain 3,340 (that’s InvArch!). DO NOT contribute to Parachain 3,338 (that’s the competition!).
  • Supporters can contribute with DOT to earn VARCH and vsDOT, increasing their liquidity and freeing their assets. Stay liquid by participating through Bifrost Finance here: bifrost.app/vcrowdloan
  • For you devs out there, you can also head to the Polkadot.js app & contribute directly through there. Just make sure you contribute to the row starting with the number 3,340 under the “ongoing” section of the crowdloan page!

See you on the relay!

We don’t want your email, but we’d love for you to join our community! 💜

Twitter: https://twitter.com/InvArchNetwork

Discord: https://discord.gg/invarch

Telegram: https://t.me/InvArch




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