InvArch Weekly Wednesday: May 4th, 2022

Watch the InvArch Weekly Wednesday update on YouTube:

Welcome back to everyone who has been anticipating this first Weekly Wednesday of the month, and a rather warm welcome to those who are new to the project!

For those that are new to the project, every project update (dubbed the InvArch Weekly Wednesday), is recorded in virtual reality (VR) with the Oculus Quest 2 Headset (*Not affiliated nor associated) in the InvArch Meta Office via Horizon Workrooms App and uploaded to YouTube, accompanied by text versions via our InvArch Medium & Subsocial pages, and Spotify for easy listening.


Website Updates 💻

A lot of progress has been made with updates to the InvArch Network website ( Upon landing on the website, you will notice changes made to our homepage–InvArch: A Revolutionary Network for Revolutionary Developers (A big shout out to our UI/UX Designer, Yaroslav Marchyk for his awesome design work). Within the front page funnel of the website, upgrades have also been made on the technical information aspect of the website as well. Information that was originally there has been expanded upon with these upgrades. What was originally in that section of the website–IP Files, IP Sets, and IP Tokens, and highlighting Cross-chain Authentication, is now a more expanded version of that, including IP Licensing (a new and finalized feature of the INV4 Protocol).

The OCIF (On-Chain Innovation Funding) Protocol is also elaborated on, going over IP Staking, IP Farming, and IP Donations. More on the subject of the OCIF Protocol will be explored in the next upcoming article of our InvArch Eduseries, “InvArch Eduseries 5: Supercharging Developers & Empowering Innovation with OCIF.” The release of this fifth edition of the Eduseries can be expected, if not tomorrow, then by the end of this week!

The last website upgrade of this section was the expansion of the XCA (Cross-chain Authentication) Protocol, which helps to realize intellectual property authentication and the ability for on-chain I.P. disputes.

Please note that the “Learn more” buttons within the aforementioned sections are currently dead links, but we are in the midst of upgrading the technology page of the website so that more robust, comprehensive information is made available for everyone to truly learn about the world of InvArch technology. Once this is all achieved, we will definitely let all of you know.

XCM going LIVE + Statemint Chain Upgrade

Earlier today, Polkadot announced following a community vote, v0.9.19 has been approved on Polkadot. It is now a reality for Parachains on Polkadot to establish connections with each other to enable asset transfers and messages.

Along with the above announcement by Polkadot, they also highlighted that their common good parachain Statemint has been upgraded! This is extremely relevant for the InvArch Ecosystem because what is different about the InvArch project is that our native token ($VARCH) will be minted on the Statemint chain. This is due to our tokenomics; the InvArch token is core–it is the token that powers the InvArch Parachain, it powers the ability for I.P. authentication, network fees, and smart contracts. However, one of the other core features (and gameplans) for the InvArch network is the expansion of the XCA Protocol, which will widen the ability for I.P. authentication to all Parachains in the Polkadot Ecosystem (natively).

One of the incentives for Parachains that integrate and adopt this (InvArch) technology is going to be, at least for the first ten Parachains, 1% each of the $VARCH token supply will be airdropped proportionally to all token holders on their networks.

Why is this important for Statemint? The $VARCH token will be natively interoperable and ready when it comes to the previously mentioned airdrops, and it will be primed to work natively throughout the other Polkadot ecosystems, including XCM-over-bridges and in the Kusama ecosystem.

The InvArch Roadmap

We have also made updates to our roadmap, which can be found on our website! It is important to note that the InvArchitects Assemble Initiative roadmap item has not yet been initiated, but more details to come as this will be the deployment of the InvArch Builders Program.

Wen TGE?

Consequently, by updating the community on the InvArch Roadmap, we can also address the InvArch Token Generation Event. We are aware that it has been delayed for some time, and we do apologize for this. It was previously assumed that the pace at which Statemint or the order in which Statemint would be available for public use would be similar to what was seen with the Statemine Parachain in the Kusama ecosystem.

Ultimately, we can now look forward to the InvArch TGE using the Statemint Parachain! The entire team is excited about this because the decisions that have been made, and the pathway that was chosen to take in regard to our token generation event, showed that it was important to have a very powerful, interoperable token that can work natively and seamlessly with other networks in the DotSama ecosystems.

A more elaborate announcement will be made on the updated InvArch Roadmap in the near future. Nevertheless, it is available for viewing and you can do that right on our website!

The big takeaway: The $VARCH token TGE is on the horizon! 🌅


The InvArch Team @ Dcentral Austin + Consensus 2022

The team is excited to share that InvArch (Founder, Dakota) will be speaking at Dcentral Austin this year! We are grateful to have this opportunity to speak to a broader audience and share what the InvArch Network and its technology are all about. More information and details from time slots and the date of the talk will be announced soon, so keep your eyes peeled on our socials!

The InvArch Team will also be attending Consensus 2022 by CoinDesk! Members of the team including Founder & Project Architect, Dakota, Co-Founder & Sr. Rust Engineer, Gabriel, Co-Founder & Head of Ecosystem Development, Mindaugas, Community Manager, Casey, and Social Media Manager, A.J. The team is looking forward to speaking with different individuals from the blockchain and crypto community during this event. We will be wearing our InvArch swag and are anticipating meeting our supporters and giving out some swag throughout the event to our supporters as well.

InvArch Innovation Drive Challenge

Last week, we launched the InvArch Innovation Drive Challenge. There are six (6) days left to enter and so far we have seen some fantastic submissions (in the form of Twitter threads) so far. Such threads that we have noticed cover use-cases and industries including music, funding, and freelance. There is still time to participate and to share your vision of an unrealized use case where the InvArch INV4 Protocol can make a profound difference in the future and in all of Web3. 🚀

To conclude, we have tremendous upgrades being made to our website, history being made and announced today with Polkadot, parachain messaging going live and Statemint being upgraded, in-person events to take place, anticipation for our TGE event, our Innovation Drive Challenge, and including finalizing details on partnerships that we plan on rolling out during this month of May (more on this soon).

Thank you for tuning in, we’ll see you next week, and May the 4th be with you! 🌠 ⚔️



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