InvArch Weekly Wednesday: May 11th, 2022

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Greetings from the InvArch Meta Office where every project update is filmed in virtual reality (VR)! We are approaching the midway point of the month and we have awesome news to share with all of you in this update.

Before you jump into this update, we want to excite you a bit with an outline of an order of events which will be talked about in this very update:

May 12th — Publishing InvArch Eduseries 5: Supercharging Developers & Empowering Innovation with OCIF

May 16th — Releasing Community Event Details

May 23rd — Tinkernet Testnet Launch

May 25th — Community Event Details


Tinkernet Testnet Launch & More

On May 23rd, 2022, we will have the Tinker testnet launch take place as a solo chain, allowing individuals to really have a broader range when it comes to tinkering as this testnet will have more changes in functionality.

The INV4 Protocol is (more or less) fully realized. Individuals will be able to tokenize and utilize and collaborate with others’ IP assets (which are non-fungible assets pegged with licensing agreements.) Individuals will also be able to utilize these assets via multiple or different tiers of unique, fungible classes of tokens that are all pegged to a single IP Set.

The last, inaugural deployment of the Tinker testnet that was live between March 25th and April 1st, was to conduct basic testing. But with this upcoming Tinker testnet launch, we do have a major game plan.

Are you ready?

The Tinker testnet launch will run for an extended period of time until… we go forward and launch the Tinker Parachain on Kusama!

But why?

It’s important to know that by connecting to the Kusama Relay Chain, we are connecting to an already robust ecosystem. This will allow individuals, using InvArch-based technology, to actually start building next-level dApps and applications that touch on powers and capacities, provided through different protocols from different parachains connected to the relay. InvArch, using the Tinker Parachain, will be providing IP Licensing, Copyright Management, and Composable Collaboration possibilities for the Kusama Relay Network.

The team is super thrilled about this because it will allow us to test different features in action, with real incentives at play, with real individuals testing things out, in a very fast-moving environment. In addition, we will be able to collaborate with and use features of other parachains that are on the Kusama Relay. In doing so, with the InvArch Builders Program, for example, there are so many possibilities of dApps and other applications to be realized, of which developers and teams will be looking to build. This will be an incredible environment and experience to build in and will be one, unlike any developer, has ever experienced before.

In regards to the current market conditions and sentiments, the InvArch team truly feels for those who have experienced any levels of loss during this time. But we want to reassure you that we are a project that is committed to and driven by building revolutionary, bleeding-edge technology for the betterment of a decentralized, trustless, composable future!

Tinker Tokenomics

On the 25th of this month, we will also be releasing the Tinker Parachain Tokenomics Structure. With this, what was also realized by the InvArch team is a beautiful solution to crowdloan participation (more details on this to come).


Releasing InvArch Eduseries 5

Tomorrow (May 12th, 2022), the 5th edition of the InvArch Eduseries will be published!

Coming off an initial run and circulation of the first four editions of the InvArch Eduseries, the InvArch team is really proud to have witnessed the positive feedback from not just the InvArch community, but even throughout the Polkadot ecosystem and broader Web3 community.

This fifth edition of the InvArch Eduseries will be exploring how InvArch will be breaking down the financial iron bars of entry with its OCIF Protocol and how Web3 will stimulate more exciting innovations.

Community Event Details

Further information will be broadcasted to the community regarding our exclusive whitelist event later on the 16th of this month. We are delighted to share more details with everyone in the community. Individuals who have their InvArch NFT–this will be a qualifier to get whitelisted, including Ambassadors, early members of our Discord community, and more!

InvArch Innovation Drive: Announcing the Winners!

The InvArch team was really proud to see the submissions that were entered into the InvArch Innovation Drive Challenge. As promised, we went through all submissions and through a couple of rounds of voting, five (5) winners were chosen! Below are their Twitter handles and the use cases they proposed:

1st place: @csaint02 — Music label DAOs
2nd place: @0_kasso — Decentralized Video & Livestream hub
3rd place: @FinvestP — Decentralized news portal
4th place: @armen_shakh — Collaborative architects design hub
5th place: @pixeltripp — On-chain freelance & licensing platform

A huge thank you to all that participated in this challenge. We will admit that it was a bit difficult to come up with the top 5 winners because all submissions were fantastic in delivery, ideation, and creativity. Nevertheless, much congratulations to the winners of the InvArch Innovation Drive. You (the winners) will be tagged in our Weekly Wednesday announcement tweet, please ensure you reach out to us so that we can move forward with your prizes.

In short, keep your eyes and ears open, turn on some alerts and keep up with us! We will be releasing as many details as possible for these upcoming events–InvArch Eduseries 5 dropping tomorrow, whitelist event details for the community, deploying our Tinker testnet and releasing its tokenomics, and of course, coming to Kusama to cause some chaos!

Whether we’re in a bull or bear run, InvArch shall continue to #BUIDL on. Catch you next week 😉 🚀



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