InvArch Weekly Wednesday: March 9th, 2022



  • Yes: 92.7% of the community
  • No: 7.3% of the community
  • IP File and IP Set minting: be able to mint your files, create IP Sets, put IP Sets into other IP Sets (IP Subsets), etc.
  • IP Set Replication: the ability to replicate IP Files, IP Sets, and have those replications linked which will make it easier to track your files (think of forking repository)
  • *Basic IPT Multisig Functionality: with this functionality, individuals will not be able to experience Sub-Assets just yet (something that will be explained more to the community in the near future through a series of educative articles)
  • On the topic of Sub-Assets, let’s say you have your IP Sets and IP FIles, linked to that you have your IP Tokens, and imagine you also have a million ERC-style tokens that we’re all very used to, but then let’s say you also have Tier 2 assets that are also linked to the IP Set, and there’s 50 of them that give different administrative rights over the IP Set (or whatever the developer’s use-case may be for certain application)

Looking at the rest of March:

  • InvArch Community AMA — March 10th @ 9:00pm EST / 2:00am UTC on Twitter Spaces
  • IP Storage — March 14th, 2022
  • IPT’s and Sub-Assets — March 21st, 2022
  • Licensing Article — March 28th, 2022



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