InvArch Weekly Wednesday: March 9th, 2022

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To all the InvArchitects out there and everyone else joining, welcome to this week’s InvArch Weekly Wednesday, coming to you from the InvArch VR Office.


Going into the InvArch technology:

INV4 Protocol: In a nutshell, the INV4 Protocol has to do with IP tokenization, minting files, creation of IP sets, IP Tokens, sub-assets, etc. — We are coming to the closing developments in regards to this protocol; getting ready to tie a nice bow on this package, so-to-speak! 🎀

OCIF Protocol: [OCIF] standing for On-chain Innovation Funding, this protocol consists of and has to deal with IP Staking, IP Farming, and IP Donations. We’re really excited about this!

XCA Protocol: Lastly, we are anticipating wrapping things up with our Cross-Authentication Protocol as well.


During last week’s Weekly Wednesday, we discussed the possibility of InvArch launching a canary network parachain. We wanted to get your opinion, so we launched a poll on Twitter to see what the InvArch Community had to say on the matter.

The results of the Twitter Poll:

  • Yes: 92.7% of the community
  • No: 7.3% of the community

We will admit that this is an awkward decision to announce, but as a project, we want to stay true to our values of honesty and transparency; the support for launching our testnet as a canary network was overwhelming. We understand the community’s excitement for such an endeavor. However, it is important to point out that it does not come without a cost–the resources, the strain on the development team, the financial costs, and overall dedication, and thus it would result in the InvArch team maintaining continuous support for not just one, but two individual chains.

Moreover, it made tremendous sense for initial parachain projects. Although, at least for InvArch, and especially considering the creation of technology (such as XCM-over-bridges, which is Cross-chain messaging over-bridges), it does not make sense for InvArch to extend those resources towards such an endeavor. So altogether, we wanted to get the community’s input in maintaining our mandate to be as transparent as possible (hence the Twitter poll).

But, after more in-depth discussions within the InvArch Development team and the team as a whole, we cannot justify the decision of launching the testnet as a canary chain. We do acknowledge that there will be/are a handful of individuals who would rather see Tinker go on to become a canary network one day, but we will be sticking to the plan of just having Tinker be a non-incentivized testnet. It will be released in different phases for individuals to participate in, and ultimately, it will be released as a permanent non-incentivized testnet released for developers.

Again, this decision is a bit awkward to announce; as many individuals have seen with certain Kusama projects, there has been some struggle when it comes to maintaining that economy in tandem with another economy. In sum, this decision of not moving forward on Tinker becoming a canary network does make the most sense for the project and for the team.

What to expect with Tinker:

In the first launch of our Tinker testnet, individuals will be able to anticipate the following:

  • IP File and IP Set minting: be able to mint your files, create IP Sets, put IP Sets into other IP Sets (IP Subsets), etc.
  • IP Set Replication: the ability to replicate IP Files, IP Sets, and have those replications linked which will make it easier to track your files (think of forking repository)
  • *Basic IPT Multisig Functionality: with this functionality, individuals will not be able to experience Sub-Assets just yet (something that will be explained more to the community in the near future through a series of educative articles)
  • On the topic of Sub-Assets, let’s say you have your IP Sets and IP FIles, linked to that you have your IP Tokens, and imagine you also have a million ERC-style tokens that we’re all very used to, but then let’s say you also have Tier 2 assets that are also linked to the IP Set, and there’s 50 of them that give different administrative rights over the IP Set (or whatever the developer’s use-case may be for certain application)

That all being said, this type of expansive functionality will not be available during the

first round of the testnet.

*Basic SmartIP Functionality: the ability for IP, for Smart IP FIles to own themselves; in the future we are going to have the IPVM (Intellectual Property Virtual Machine), where there will be the ability for function calls to take place on IP for IP to call functions on other IP, thus creating a decentralized environment for IP Files, IP Sets, and so on.

The target date to launch Tinker: March 25th to March 31st, 2022

This is what you can expect in regards to Tinker — we invite everyone to “break it in” to the best of their ability and to have a fun experience.

Looking at the rest of March:

  • InvArch Community AMA — March 10th @ 9:00pm EST / 2:00am UTC on Twitter Spaces


Starting the “InvArch EduSeries” — a series of articles to educate the community on InvArch technology; the technology that the team is building is truly expansive and considering the fact that InvArch can disrupt numerous sectors and many industries, it surely does help when the community can be well-educated on such technology. With this, the team strives to do its best to ensure that everyone adopts a better understanding of all segments of the network, the different protocols, and the full power of InvArch

The following articles for March (tentative titles):

  • IP Storage — March 14th, 2022
  • IPT’s and Sub-Assets — March 21st, 2022
  • Licensing Article — March 28th, 2022

InvArch Embassy InitiativeMarch 22nd

We are looking to initiative the overhaul of the InvArch Ambassador Program; focusing on a total revamp to concentrate on the use-cases for InvArch, promoting the power and abilities of InvArch, and fostering a global community around InvArch that is ultimately borderless. More information will be rolled out to the community in the coming days via Discord in the next 1 to 2 weeks

⚙️ Tinker TestnetMarch 25th to March 31st, 2022

In addition, we did mention last week that we will be publishing a “Careers / Opportunities” page on the website [] that will help us expand the team and bring in more rockstar talent.

In conclusion, for the team it has been really a “heads-down, work hard and well” mindset and focusing on what needs to get done, the power of the protocol, and making it as future-proof, intuitive, and revolutionary as possible.

Thank you to all who tuned into this Weekly Wednesday! Don’t forget about the InvArch Community AMA (date, time, and location mentioned above), we cannot wait to see you all there and answer your awesome questions. 🤩




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