InvArch Weekly Wednesday: March 30th, 2022

Watch the InvArch Weekly Wednesday update on YouTube:

As March comes to a close and the month of April is just around the corner, we have some awesome updates to end off this month at InvArch! Let’s get into it!


InvArch Tinkernet

The InvArch Tinkernet a.k.a our testnet was deployed last Friday (March 25th), accompanied by the InvArch Tinkernet: Launch Event, hosted by one of our Co-Founders and the Sr. Rust Engineer, Gabe, and our Social Media Manager, A.J.

Watch the launch event:

The technical team at InvArch has witnessed amazing activity with the testnet 👉 over 100 IPFs (IP FIles) minted! It really has been remarkable to see the interactions between individuals participating in the testnet. Not to mention the active communication in the Official InvArch Discord server, but we’ve noticed the collaboration between individuals on MultiSig ownership, divisional ownership over IP Files, and IP Sets!

Remember: the InvArch Tinkernet will end on March 31st, 2022.

This initial run was only meant to be available for one week in order to test out the immediate composability features. But don’t fret — we are determined to deploy further testnet runs to explore more InvArch technology! We still have to fulfill the complete testing of the INV4 protocol, then we’ll be moving on to the OCIF (On-chain Innovation Funding) protocol.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has participated in InvArch Tinkernet’s first run. We appreciate all those who contributed and your participation is valued greatly!


Bigcoin Vietnam AMA

There is an AMA scheduled for tonight [or this morning, depending on where you live] with Bigcoin Vietnam!

We will have our Founder and Project Architect — Dakota Barnett, Co-Founder, and Lead Substrate Developer — Kresna Sucandra, and Co-Founder and Head of Ecosystem Development — Mindaugas Savickas, speaking in the AMA with Bigcoin Vietnam!

Details for the AMA:

Date: Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

Time: 11:00pm EST / 10:00am GMT+7


We hope to see you there and don’t hesitate to ask those awesome questions!

InvArch Eduseries

The highly anticipated 4th edition of the InvArch Eduseries is, admittedly, taking a little longer than expected.

Short answer:

Long answer: As mentioned in the last article that was released (, SIPA stands for Scalable Incentivized Proof-of-Attendance protocols. Some of you may be familiar with the term; “POAPs” as referred to by some. One way to look at it is a big advancement to POAP technology and its features!

We are excited to share this with all of you. The reason for the delay goes back to the initial purpose of the InvArch Eduseries–to introduce technology in a format that allows the masses to easily understand and therefore seamlessly digest. Referring to the project as a whole, we are introducing very powerful, unique, and innovative technologies. Thus, we recognized early on that it is our mandate to ensure that our immediate community, the broader Polkadot and Web3 communities, and therefore the rest of the world are able to easily comprehend what is being built here at InvArch.

Accordingly, in the 4th edition of the InvArch Eduseries, we will take a deeper, more detailed look at SIPA, SIPAnomics, its use-cases, its capacities, and potential, tying it with Multi-tiered Sub-Assets and fungible assets. Moreover, the logic and math underneath all of that, this is where things can get really fun but also complex! Dakota plans on publishing this upcoming Eduseries article before the Bigcoin Vietnam AMA, but if not, then definitely by tomorrow!

InvArch Discord Community and Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program:

  • The “regional” structure has been removed to allow everyone to be able to connect by language and/or interest (i.e., Developers, Musicians, Tinkerers)
  • Term Limits have started! This is to ensure that everyone receives an opportunity to try and earn a position on the CORE; (If you do not, you also have an opportunity to participate via the InvArch ARMY)
  • Term Limits will limit any Ambassador to two (2) terms in the InvArch ARMY, and two (2) separate terms on the CORE (if selected)
  • 1 Term = 2 Rounds

The Community a.k.a Official InvArch Discord Server:

  • We have incorporated languages once again for members who do not speak the more mainstream languages in our community
  • There is also the “Community Channels” section for the different industries we know will be impacted by InvArch right from the start

→ Join the InvArch Community!

Taking everything into account, this has been a great month here at InvArch. It’s been exciting and rewarding to see everyone testing things out via the InvArch Tinkernet. It really means a lot to the team; internally speaking, we even realized some use-cases that we haven’t thought of before until recently (i.e., having fully composable websites) which if you haven’t yet seen, check out Gabe’s Linkedin.

and/or GitHub

As we continue to build the technology and roll it out, finishing off the INV4 protocol, realize the OCIF protocol, and move beyond that to realize the XCA protocol, and all the changes and plans in store for our Ambassador Program and the greater InvArch Community, we cannot wait for what the future holds for the project.

In and from every direction, there is a lot to come. April is going to be an exciting month!

Thank you for tuning in, and we’ll see you next week! 💡



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