InvArch Weekly Wednesday: March 2nd, 2022

5 min readMar 3, 2022


Welcome everyone to the very first InvArch — Weekly Wednesday: In VR!


We decided to pivot how we usually do our Weekly Updates for the community and therefore, make it more inclusive and immersive when it comes to obtaining the latest information about the project.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the InvArch Community Discord and Ambassador Program! There will be changes incoming for both — following some great deliberation within the team, we recognize the value in making it a more inclusive, “use-case focused” community.

We do recognize that the community had just undergone a restructuring to what it is currently: a regional-based community structure.

The changes will be more explained and elaborated on in the very near future (more so, coming days!) This will include having an education section for everyone to learn more about the project.

InvArch x Oculus Quest 2 Giveaway

In regards to the InvArch x Oculus Quest 2 giveaway, I [Dakota] would like to congratulate the winners, and a huge thank you to everyone that participated. It was a great giveaway for the community and we appreciate the turnout! 🎉

To the winners: we expect to ship out your Oculus Quest 2 headsets between now and over the weekend, including tracking information. So please anticipate a message from us via Twitter!

Now, onto the tech!


The technical team, or rather, our very talented “InvArchitechs” have been working on quite a few things in the background. 🖥

Along with making IP Files and IP Sets more composable, having IP Replicas done so individuals can seamlessly duplicate IP Sets, IP Sub-sets, and IP Files, we wanted to truly introduce the power of InvArch in the most beautiful way possible.

And that is through an upcoming application called “GitArch.” 👨‍💻

With this Mock UI, we really wanted to give the world a visualized idea of what to expect in terms of the future of the project. As you can see, users will have the ability to mint IP, view IP, possibly discover IPs, IP Staking, access a Marketplace, different categories for organizing IP; we’re also looking to introduce sub-categories as well, in addition to resource links.

So what we are calling “GitArch,” is something really powerful we’re looking to deploy and will be beyond what you see in the Mock UI shown above. As you may already know, there is the InvArch chain, however, GitArch is a play on Git Repository; GitHub is the biggest winner in the tech world.

So imagine GitHub, but decentralized — all of your code, files, etc., imagine everything [all IP, all files] being seamlessly authenticated; imagine licensing agreements, versioning, all being seamlessly controlled using all of this technology (InvArch protocol, Git middleware)… this is what we have also been working on and something that we have been very excited about to share with the world.


In terms of our testnet “Tinker,” we have been in discussions with the Parity Technologies team, and they asked if we had considered going with Kusama. We have reasons not to move forward with launching our testnet on Kusama, but we also have reasons for it as well.

A great point that was made for Tinker on Kusama: it allows InvArch to test out the technology with individuals. Moreover, we will be able to see how individuals will interact with the technology, how they use the chain, in real-world scenarios with assets that have real value. This will help us emulate a more realistic experience for users with the InvArch technology. 👩‍💻

The release of the Tinker testnet would have taken place sometime this week, but with the above consideration, discussions, and consideration are still ongoing within the InvArch team, more details are to come! We look to be as transparent as possible when it comes to this process, (hence this Weekly Update upgrade).

An additional note: securing a slot on Kusama would also allow us to have a permanent testnet, a Rococo testnet, which would be great because we would like and want to provide a free, incentivized testnet. Thus having both a cousin network that emulates real-world interactions and having an incentivized testnet would be greatly appealing and ideal.

So please share your feedback with us in our Discord community and tell us what you think about the Tinker testnet being launched on Kusama! Also, expect a Twitter poll!

A few last tech points:

We are finishing up on the INV4 protocol–Invention, Involvement, Inventory, and Investment Arch; essentially IP File, IP Composability Protocol. We are looking to move into Sub Assets, which is some new technology we will be talking about in the near future aided with educational content that will be shared with the community.

From there, we will move to work on the OCIF (On-Chain Innovation Funding) Protocol. As discussed before, we have IP Staking, IP Farming, and IP Donations. This is what OCIF will encapsulate. Expect this up next on our calendar!

Website Updates

3 Main Things we will be adding to the website:

  1. Careers page: we will be sharing several new career opportunities for some awesome rockstar talent to join the InvArch team
  2. Community Calendar: a regular calendar view showing anything and everything from technology developments, updates being deployed, AMAs, etc., in a nice, presentable manner for everyone to see and check out at any time!
  3. Ambassador Hub: We will be working on and looking to release by the end of this month; for our InvArch Ambassadors, you will be able to connect your Polkadot.js wallet (or any other ecosystem wallet), have your account connected to your Ambassador profile, check your points, $VARCH allocation, and more!


So as we teased on our Official InvArch Twitter Page 😉, these are the current updates for the community. To sum it all up: A mock UI visually representing GitArch, considerations on releasing Tinker on Kusama, Community updates, and further website expansion.

Thank you for tuning into the very first InvArch Weekly Wednesday. We hope that you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed producing it and that it was a positive & immersive experience.

Now, back to work! 🚀




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