InvArch Weekly Wednesday: March 23rd, 2022

Watch the InvArch Weekly Wednesday update on YouTube:

Approaching the last week (and a bit) of the month, the InvArch team is thrilled to give you the latest update in this week’s Weekly Wednesday!


Switching it up for this Weekly Wednesday, let’s get you up to speed with two changes that will be taking place with the InvArch Discord Community:

Official InvArch Discord

The Official InvArch Discord is where we will see the breaking of barriers based on geographical location and recentering everything around the use-cases, having Discord community channels focused on the power and potential of InvArch technology. We will also be sprucing up the Discord with information updates, including some educational channels that will have good resources regarding InvArch–the project, the technology, the ecosystem, etc. This way, anyone that finds the project [and the Official InvArch Discord] will find a plethora of resources to get themselves acquainted with InvArch!

InvArch Embassy Initiative

This is going to be the server split that was previously discussed. Everything is in place in regards to establishing this Discord server–the channels, tools, and so forth. As far as getting everyone a.k.a the InvArch Ambassadors transitioned over, this is taking place as we speak. We do have a form that is currently live! So if you are an Ambassador, please do fill out the form (see below) so we can get your re-confirmation of your interest in the InvArch Ambassador Program.

Website Updates

Website changes are ongoing as the project further grows and develops and eventually as the team grows as well. In regards to some website updates, you will be seeing quite a few relevant links to certain InvArch content pieces and resources, that way everything is conveniently in reach for the community and newcomers!

InvArch Eduseries

A huge thank you to everyone who has been keeping up with the InvArch Eduseries! Earlier today, we did drop the latest Eduseries 3 — “Web3’s Super Highway & The Future of Transporting IP Rights” where we discuss the significance of the InvArch Network, going into the technologies being built and calling much attention to the problems that InvArch solves! Moreover, we looked at the IP License pallet that will be coming out in the very near future. The Pallet_IPL is part of the INV4 protocol were things like streamlining licensing agreements, copyright agreements, how we peg such agreements to IP Sets, and how the entire system works. If you have not yet read InvArch Eduseries 3,

The feedback and the attention together have really been spectacular. The entire team is ecstatic to see many of you take on more and more interest in the project as you continue to read into the Eduseries.

The next InvArch Eduseries article will go through the most electrifying InvArch technology–IP Tokens (IPTs) and Sub-Assets! To give a glimpse: Sub-Assets actualizes the idea of multiple & separate tiers or classes of fungible assets pegged to a single IP Set. The InvArch team truly believes that this technology is incredibly substantial in that it holds the capability to introduce a new type of economic system composed of individual layer-2 Scalable Incentivized Proof of Attendance (SIPA) protocols.

Keep an eye out for InvArch Eduseries 4: “The SIPA Revolution & A New Golden Age For Innovation.”


InvArch Tinkernet

The InvArch Tinkernet launch is in… *drum roll* … two days! (Launch time will be announced!) But with that, we have gone ahead and created a video guide [launched earlier today] to help you get a headstart in terms of what to expect and what you could potentially do with the first run of the testnet! The video guide was created by our very own Co-Founder & Senior Rust Engineer, Gabe, and our Social Media Manager, A.J.!

For all of our developers and everyone else interested in the InvArch Tinkernet:

In the video guide, they present three use-cases and demonstrate how to go about minting their corresponding assets onto InvArch Tinkernet. Furthermore, this is a first-look into informing you on what is possible, what could be tested out, and an overall sense of it all before you are given full reign over the InvArch Tinkernet sandbox, so to speak.

The Video Guide was launched earlier today, and you can find it here:

Apart from the video guide, right now the team is focusing on this initial run of the testnet; IP File Composability, IP Set Composability, and stretching the bounds of this technology.

On a final note, this is this week’s Weekly Wednesday update–the Ambassador Program changes, Discord Server split, InvArch Eduseries taking the Polkadot Ecosystem, and Web3 by storm, the InvArch Tinkernet Video Guide, and the official launch this upcoming Friday! We certainly have had quite a lot to share and present to all of you and this makes us feel super pumped and enthusiastic! We are aware of the fact that the information we’ve been sharing is a lot to take in, but we encourage you to continue to do so! And with that, we sincerely appreciate all of you who have been keeping up, and for all those who are new to the project, welcome!

See you next week! 🚀



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