InvArch Weekly Wednesday: March 16th, 2022

Watch the InvArch Weekly Wednesday update on YouTube:


First and foremost, we will be launching our Tinker testnet on March 25th–it will be running for about a week until the end of the month!

To help all our fellow developers out there who will be participating in the Tinker testnet, we will be releasing a testnet guide on Monday, March 21st. What you can expect from this guide: essential information on how to participate in the testnet, providing examples on what can be done, and to really go nuts and have fun and do all that you can and desire with Tinker!

What you can expect from Tinker:

  • Pallet_IPS
  • Pallet_IPF
  • Pallet_IPT (PLEASE NOTE: In the video of the update, Pallet_multisig is mistakenly mentioned; the desired features of Pallet_multisig have recently been included as features of the IPT Pallet).

With the IP Set (IPS) Pallet, you will have the ability to (in simpler terms) make a folder of different files; so you have an IP Set consisting of different IP Files, OR you can have an IP Set consisting of IP Sets, which are called IP SubSets. To sum it up, you will have the ability to create IP Sets and IP SubSets, including IP Bonding–bonding two IPFs within an IPS in order to have their own SubSet within that IPS. *Note: Don’t look at it any differently as you would when creating and organizing files and folders on your computer!

With the IP File (IPF) Pallet, you will have the ability to mint intellectual property files, and with the IP Token Pallet (limited features), where you will be able to handle multiple ownership over IP Set and make multisig function calls using IPTs.

We’re looking forward to developers having the chance to check it out and test everything! It’s important to note that upgrades will be taking place over time, so we will bring back everyone and newcomers to test out the technology again!

Future Upgrades
Now let’s talk about some future upgrades!

  • Pallet_IPL: Our custom IP License Pallet
    -More information coming through the InvArch EduSeries.
  • Pallet_IPT (v2): Our cornerstone upgrade of Pallet IPT
    - A derivative of the Assets Pallet [which developers and Substrate & Parity Technologies and overall Polkadot Ecosystem are familiar with]. Imagine Pallet Assets as a person, but on steroids & with some bio-mechanical appendages.
  • Pallet_IPB: The ability to bridge assets from other protocols.
    - This will allow individuals to bridge their (for example) Ethereum NFTs (i.e., your CryptoPunk or Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT), to the InvArch network. What you will be able to do with your NFT after bridging them over becomes a lot more extensive, the economic possibilities are a breath of freedom.

We will definitely explore all of this in the future 🧐 so keep on the lookout and stay up to date with the InvArch Eduseries, because all of what’s been discussed so far in this update will be in there!

InvArch Eduseries

We recently launched the InvArch Eduseries with Article #1: “The IP War Zone & Innovation Graveyard We Live In,” and the reception was amazing! — We have introduced the world that we all live in today and the problems that exist. There are a lot of strengths and greatness, but the reality is that there is too much of what inhibits and hinders the abilities of individuals to prosper and innovate their ideas.

Where there is the ability to do so, individuals go through such complicated and lengthy processes–there’s a reason why it takes so long to get ideas off the ground and an even bigger reason why most ideas die and thus, never become realized. Having said that, we are all familiar with this and of course, with the establishment of the InvArch project, the team, the growing community, and all of its supporters, we are determined and committed to making it so that innovation does not have to die more than it succeeds.

We did not expect the kind of recognition that we witnessed when we launched the Eduseries yesterday and we thank everyone for acknowledging it, diving into it, and reading it through. The objective of starting and rolling out the InvArch Eduseries is to introduce the InvArch project in a familiar way to those who are already part of the community, and also to those who are new to the project and have not been exposed to the project yet!

This Friday, March 18th, we will be releasing Article #2: [Title TBA] where we will be introducing how your data is stored on the chain and reviewing an evolved form of IP Asset anatomy structure.

Then on the following Tuesday (March 22nd), Article #3 of the InvArch Eduseries will be released. This article will be much more expansive–it will delve deeper into new technology that no one has heard of before, introducing it, breaking it down, and exploring the power and significance of it; we will explore how revolutionary InvArch will be not just in Web3, but in economics and agreement systems and others, and how it will restructure things fundamentally.


The InvArch Embassy Launch

We have shared the updates on this launch with our Global Ambassadors, and we’ve seen excitement from the InvArch Discord Community.

We will be splitting the Discord servers–one server exclusively for members of what we call the InvArch Embassy, where all the ambassadors come together, and the other server for the overall community, where the server will be centered around the use-cases of InvArch and create a more inclusive environment and community culture.

Taking everything into account, there is a lot of focus on various areas of the project. Pumping things up with Tinker underway, getting the InvArch and overall Polkadot + Web3 communities familiar with the technology–what it is, what it can do, and how it will reshape the world, the InvArch Embassy launch, the InvArch Eduseries, as well as continue to carry out as much content, announcements, and updates!

See you all next week!💡 🚀



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