InvArch Weekly Wednesday: July 6th, 2022

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Hello to all of you InvArchitects out there! 👋

We, unfortunately, missed out on giving you a project update last week due to the team traveling for Polkadot Decoded. But we are back, here, and ready to give you the latest updates and exciting news on InvArch!


InvArchitects Assemble: The InvArch Builders Program
Otherwise known as our InvArch Builders Program, we are pushing back the launch date to two weeks following the InvArch Tinkernet securing a slot on Kusama. There are a couple of reasons to explain this change in the timeline.

  1. It is much more responsible for the InvArch team to ensure that our canary network’s slot on Kusama is secured before the InvArchitects Assemble builders program is launched. This way, we can assure that the technology is secure, the architecture is sound, and the developers coming into the program can build on Tinkernet, on Rococo, and use Tinkernet with other parachains in the Kusama ecosystem, without any stress or worry.
  2. Understanding that the future is multi-chain: InvArch is built with this in mind; there will be so many kinds of use-cases that will be unlocked using other technologies and parachains. Such parachains will also power the InvArch Network. With this multi-chain approach and firm belief, we want to have a “multi-chain” builders program!

We are working on other projects in the space, and some talks are still underway, but we are very excited to soon launch the InvArchitects Assemble — InvArch Builders Program. Don’t forget! The launch of this program is a 2-week delay until after we secure a slot via Tinkernet on Kusama.


InvArch Tinkernet Crowdloan: Update

The Tinkernet Crowdloan is still currently live and going strong on Kusama!

We originally launched the Tinkernet Crowdloan on June 26th, 2022. Currently, we are leading through this bidding period, leading since the beginning in terms of the percentage of blocks, but we are not taking anything for granted! We encourage more people to contribute in support of the Tinkernet Crowdloan because it helps to establish more liquidity, more distribution for the token, and thus a more growing and wider community where individuals can have the opportunity to use the Tinkernet network when it goes live on Kusama.

So why should you support the Tinkernet Crowdloan?

With crowdloans in the past, as more individuals contributed, the rewards shrunk over time.

As we have announced before, the Tinkernet Crowdloan is a different, more powerful crowdloan structure where, in a nutshell, the value increases as more individuals contribute. Along with introducing the Community-Driven Tinkernomics, in there we presented the Inducement Bonus Allocations!

Now what’s standard for the Tinkernet Crowdloan rewards is:

Every 1 $KSM = 87.75 $TNKR

Where the crowdloan rewards get more exciting is with the (previously mentioned) Inducement Bonus Allocations!

As you can see in the Tinkernet Crowdloan Reward Rate visual above, the bonuses increase as we reach each $KSM contribution threshold (3.5k $KSM, 8k $KSM, 13k $KSM, 20k $KSM, respectively.) The earlier you contribute to the Tinkernet Crowdloan, the higher your $TNKR rewards become! The beauty of this is that no matter what wave you entered with your contribution, you still earn rewards! When the max hard cap of 20,000 $KSM is reached, everyone who contributed receives $TNKR rewards.

In order to contribute to the Tinkernet Crowdloan, some straightforward methods include Polkadot{.js}, Talisman, and NOVA wallet. If you contribute through Bifrost Finance, you can take advantage of SALP (Slot Auction Liquidity Protocol) and liquid crowdloan benefits!

If it is your first time contributing to a crowdloan, you can check out some available tutorial videos below:

Bifrost — Tinkernet Crowdloan Contribution Tutorial:

Polkadot{.js} — Tinkernet Crowdloan Contribution Tutorial:

Polkadot Decoded 2022 was a success!

Once again, a huge thank you to all the individuals, Ambassadors, and broader community members who voted to help get Dakota & his talk into Polkadot Decoded this year!

Dakota’s talk was titled “XCM: The Future of an Authenticated Internet” where he also introduced InvArch’s XCA (Cross-chain Authentication) Protocol. The talk was very well-received, Dakota received lots of positive feedback and interest following his talk during the rest of Polkadot Decoded.

If you weren’t able to make either the physical event in New York or the live stream, watch Dakota deliver his talk here via the InvArch YouTube channel!

InvArch at Mangata Monday

We were very fortunate to have been invited to Mangata Finance’s “Mangata Monday” Community Call! Members of the InvArch team that were in on the community call include Dakota, A.J., Mikhail, and Mindaugas.

During this call, we shared what the project is about, how the InvArch community is built, building connections with other fellow parachains, intellectual property as an on-chain novelty, and how XCM leads to multi-chain composability, and more!

A huge thank you InvArch’s very own Mikhail a.k.a Elektrovenik (former InvArch Ambassador and now our Strategic Growth Coordinator) for helping make this call happen with Mangata!

If you didn’t catch this Mangata Monday, it is available on their YouTube channel:

InvArch and the Bifrost Community Call

This morning at 8:00 am EST (2:00 pm CEST), the InvArch team took part in the Bifrost Community Call. Originally, Dakota was scheduled to be part of the call in representing the InvArch team and project, but due to feeling under the weather, he, unfortunately, could not make it. Our Head of Growth, Mindaugas Savickas, was able to take Dakota’s place and we had a fun time in the Kusamaverse on talking about the InvArch Tinkernet and its Crowdloan, what’s next for Tinkernet, and sharing the latest on InvArch.

And that’s all folks! The Tinkernet Crowdloan is going strong as ever, the InvArchitects Assemble — InvArch Builders Program launch date was postponed to two weeks after Tinkernet secures a Kusama slot, the team took part in some great Community Calls, and Dakota delivered an impressive talk at Polkadot Decoded.

Thank you for tuning into this week’s InvArch Weekly Wednesday. We’ll see you next week!




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