InvArch Weekly Wednesday: July 20th, 2022

4 min readJul 21, 2022


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A bright hello 👋 to all of you InvArchitects and community members of InvArch, friends in fellow Dotsama projects, and the broader Web3 community!

This Weekly Wednesday consists of awesome things to update you on, including the latest on our Web3 Foundation Grant milestone and the progress on the InvArch Builders Program.

Without further ado, shall we dive in? 👀


INV4-GIT: Demo Video

If you have not yet seen it across our social media platforms, we released a demo video of INV4-GIT!

INV4-GIT is the developer’s destination to Web3 for Git File Management and Version Control. With INV4-GIT, developers can tokenize their code and have it consist of InvArch features such as distributed ownership and on-chain licensing.

The demo video, created by InvArch Co-Founder and Head of Development Gabe, showcases git functionality using the CLI (Command Line Interface) to connect to the chain, push and manage your files, and use the blockchain as a ‘GitHub’ alternative! You can also make updates, clone, and conduct branching.

This is the first step to realizing GitArch, a super-powered and supercharged hub for innovation and for all matters of IP (intellectual property) repositories that will be connected to on-chain funding (InvArch’s OCIF protocol) and the other technologies that Web3 has to offer.

Web3 Foundation: Final Milestone Submission

Speaking of INV4-GIT, it is also the very last part of the final milestone of our grant under the Web3 Foundation’s Grant Program!

Within the next 24 hours, we will submit this final grant submission to the Web3 Foundation. After all the details are confirmed and made official, we will release an announcement to update the community on this.

InvArchitects Assemble — InvArch Builders Program

The “InvArchitects Assemble ” — InvArch Builders Program details will be shared within a week. As announced and discussed in the last couple InvArch Weekly Wednesday updates, it is designed to be a “cross-chain, joint-project, cross-ecosystem effort” builders program where developers will be able to build not just within or towards InvArch and Tinkernet infrastructure projects but also cross-chain dApps and applications that utilize technologies that are present in not only the Tinkernet and InvArch Parachian, but in other parachains that exist throughout the ecosystem.

Final details will be released soon, including dates for opening up the application process and highlighting the supporters of the InvArch Builders Program.

New InvArch Team Members!
We are extraordinarily thrilled to welcome Jake and Pedro to the InvArch Team!

  • Jake (@jakerumbles on Twitter) is our newest Rust Engineer — he is a highly talented, enthusiastic, dedicated, and remarkable individual working on the technical development of the InvArch protocol and is passionate about decentralization.
  • Pedro — within the next couple of weeks, on August 1st, we will be having him join the InvArch team as our Lead Frontend Developer who has worked in previous blockchain projects such as Talisman and; he is a brilliant individual who will help us realize the UI plans that we have to bring a seamless experience to users on InvArch.


InvArch Embassy: Apply to become an InvArch Ambassador!
Over the past week, we have started reshifting with the InvArch Embassy, a.k.a the InvArch Ambassador Program.

Because of the current term limits, we are having new roles become available (primarily, roles with our Ambassador Army); we are looking for individuals who are passionate and serious fans of the project! If you are passionate when it comes to writing about blockchain/Web3 technologies (specifically InvArch technologies) or someone who has talent and skills in creating graphic art, video production, and animations, please do apply!

To apply: go to > scroll down > click on “Go to the application form.”

The InvArch Ambassador Program is very rewarding; you will be given direct communication access with the InvArch team, receive some upcoming InvArch swag, receive support for initiatives that support the InvArch project, and token rewards for being active and enthusiastic participants in the program.

So there you have it, InvArchitects! Be sure to check out the INV4-GIT Demo Video; the team will be submitting our final milestone submissions to the Web3 Foundation Grants Program; the InvArchitects Assemble Program is underway. Please give a warm welcome to our newest team members (Jake and Pedro), and the InvArch Embassy is open to receiving applications from interested individuals!

Thank you for tuning in, and we’ll see you next week! 🚀




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