InvArch Weekly Wednesday: August 17, 2022

5 min readAug 18, 2022

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Greetings & salutations, everyone–all of you InvArchitects, Tinkerers, and the rest of the Dotsama and Web3 community!

We have some major announcements in this InvArch Weekly Wednesday!

Are you ready? 😏


Tinkernet: Post-Kusama Onboarding

This past Monday, August 15th, the InvArch Development Team recently did a runtime upgrade on the Tinkernet Network! What this does is that it fixes a slight issue that we had with IP Tokens–the fungible tokens that are pegged to an IP Set. There was a mistake with the quantity that remained after burning assets. Still, it was immediately detected, the fixes were implemented, and we conducted a runtime upgrade (thanks to the Substrate framework), so everything is now looking great thus far!

But of course, you’ll need tokens to use Tinkernet… 🤔

Tinkernet: TNKR Token Distribution

This upcoming Friday, the InvArch Team is happy to announce that the TNKR token distribution event will take place! We will release an article on this specific, exciting event–covering where to go to claim your tokens, how to get started, how to view your reward balances, etc.

Other than that, Tinkernet has been live since August 8th, it has been producing blocks, and soon the revolutionary InvArch technology will be made available for all of you to start using! 👏


Join us tomorrow in the Polkadot Community Call!

InvArch (specifically, InvArch Founders Dakota Barnett & Gabriel Facco de Arruda) have been invited to speak at the next Polkadot Community Call!

The Polkadot Community Call is a live audio conversation on the @Polkadot Twitter Account via Twitter Spaces every month! During these calls, anyone and everyone in the Polkadot ecosystem can learn about the latest updates from Polkadot itself and specific parachains!

Remember to set a reminder! Once you do, your phone will receive a notification of when the Twitter Space goes live! We’ll see you there.

Link to tomorrow’s Polkadot Community Call:

YoudleDAO: Update

Last Thursday (August 11th), YoudleDAO released an NFT giveaway where 3 winners were chosen and will receive 1 x Custom Youdle Ticket, and (2) 1 x Semi-Custom Youdle Ticket (respectively).

At the beginning of this week, the winners were chosen and announced! We thank everyone for participating in the YoudleDAO NFT Giveaway, and congratulations to the three winners! 🎉

With all of that, we currently do have an article that is published and available that talks about how to redeem your Custom Youdle Tickets.

👉 It is more likely that we will update this existing article to reflect information on how to redeem your Semi-Custom Youdle Ticket

We have gone ahead and minted two more Youdles to the YoudleDAO family through the process of the Custom Youdle Ticket Redemption. We also have two (2) more Youdles that we’ve been working on that will be minted and shared with the world, and we have another one that was recently won during the giveaway that is currently being worked on.

We are very excited to share that we will launch the tickets for the rest of the Youdles–but more on this will be shared later! 👀

InvArch Alpha

  • Our Head of Technology Development, Gabriel (Twitter: @TinkerGabe) shared some alpha on Twitter regarding some of the stuff that includes Phala Network’s Fat Contracts and Discord bot servers and ownership.
  • GitArch: With the wake of Tornado Cash, and developer accounts getting suspended, etc., The InvArch Development team is working really hard on GitArch, right when the world really needs it the most! Keep your eyes open!

Weekly Update Transition

Our InvArch Project Updates will be getting a revamp!

This will be the last InvArch Weekly Wednesday as we will be moving to give a more monthly update/report on the project 😱

An initial reason is that we have the InvArch Weekly Community Calls, held in the Official InvArch Community Discord Server, run by our very own Community Manager, Casey Richardson. We recognize that these Weekly Community Calls can be more fruitful with this transition from weekly to monthly project updates.

These Weekly Community Calls have great opportunities for increasing more active and wholesome engagement between the team and the community, including Ambassadors who join in on the call. This can become more prosperous instead of being a follow-up to the Weekly Wednesday project update.

Another significant reason is that we acknowledged that 1) The project altogether is ramping up on productivity and development on all fronts, and 2) We want to ensure that everyone’s time is being well spent to truly bring the network to where it needs to be; that being said, monthly project updates can be more comprehensive and packed with significant information and the time and energy that was spent on pushing out weekly updates can be reallocated and be taken advantage of to tasks and project needs that need it the most.

But don’t forget 👉 the InvArch Weekly Community Calls led by Casey, our Community Manager, will still be held in the InvArch Community Discord and recorded and uploaded for those who cannot make them!

So this concludes this final Weekly Wednesday Update: Tinkernet has undergone a runtime upgrade to v.1.1.2, $TNKR Token Distribution is this Friday, August 19th; catch Dakota & Gabe speaking on InvArch in tomorrow’s Polkadot Community Call on Twitter Spaces, YoudleDAO winners have been announced, and more Youdles are being created (hand-drawn) and minted and added to the YoudleDAO family, and we are moving to Monthly Project Updates!

Catch you in the first monthly project update in September! 🚀




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