InvArch Weekly Wednesday: April 27th, 2022

Watch the InvArch Weekly Wednesday update on YouTube:

In this last InvArch Weekly Wednesday project update for April, we have some awesome updates to finish off the month with from both the technology and community sides of the project! Let’s jump in.


Website Update

As we have announced in the previous week’s invArch Weekly Wednesday, the InvArch website is undergoing upgrades. You will be seeing a lot more content, especially on the educational side of things–what InvArch is and defining the power of the protocol.

The INV4 Protocol and Tinkernet

We are happy to say that we are concluding development on our INV4 protocol ✅ This means we are looking forward to releasing Tinkernet as our permanent testnet! In clarification, this would still be a testnet and not incentivized. The focus is to have it open and available for active development to take place. More details on deployment will be announced in the coming days!

The OCIF Protocol

Next month, development will be starting on the OCIF protocol. This is where we will cover and realize matters of IP Staking, IP Farming, and IP Donations. With the development of OCIF, this leads to the next InvArch Eduseries that, in tandem, will be covering OCIF.

InvArch Builders Program

Details for the InvArch Builders Program will be released in the next couple of days or so. The actual launch for this (which will be titled “The InvArchitects Assemble Program”) will happen once the integration of the pallets that will be allowing IP Staking, Farming, and Donations, are complete.

The XCA Protocol

The XCA or Cross-Chain Authentication protocol–a protocol that will be realizing a way for not just ensuring that NFTs and CIDs represent a unique record of ownership, but creating cross-chain hash prints (xcHashprints) to represent actual unique proof of the data that is tied within an NFT/to that CID, is the last protocol to finish developing. We will discuss this more shortly!


InvArch Innovation Drive Challenge

Launched on April 26th, (also known as World IP Day) — we are offering $DOT rewards for the best 5 Twitter Threads presenting their idea or vision on how InvArch and the INV4 Protocol (which can include SIPAnomics) will reshape the future of Web3.

As displayed in the official InvArch Innovation Drive banner, the reward tiers are as follows:

1st place — 100 $DOT

2nd place — 50 $DOT

3rd place — 25 $DOT

4th place — 15 $DOT

5th place — 10 $DOT

Changes have been made to this challenge:

Originally we released this with a Gleam link to help keep track of submissions. But we noticed that there has been some confusion with this and therefore have decided to remove the Gleam link entirely. The original instructions remain as-is:

  1. Follow @InvArchNetwork on Twitter
  2. Create a Twitter thread that presents your idea/vision of a use-case that explains how InvArch, the INV4 Protocol (can include SIPAnomics) will reshape the future of Web3

Thread submission requirements:

  • Minimum five (5) tweets within the thread
  • Use the hashtags #InvArch and #200DotChallenge in the thread

Challenge details:

  • All use-case ideas will be evaluated based on the following criteria: information accuracy, vision novelty, the strength of vision, and thread popularity
  • Anyone 18+ years old can participate
  • This contest ends on May 10th, 2022 @ 8:00 pm EST
  • The winners will be announced on May 11th, 2022, in the InvArch Weekly Wednesday project update
  • *Please note: Any use-cases selected as winners have the potential to be adopted by InvArch or used as an example in the future. By providing a use-case, you understand that if selected, you are forsaking your claim to any IP that may be created as a result

Best of luck to all of you and may the best thread win!

In conclusion, we are excited for the website to be looking better than ever, congratulations to the Technical team as they will be moving on to the development of the OCIF protocol, and we have an awesome, thought-provoking, and rewarding challenge taking place!

We have much more to announce, of course, but we will leave this Weekly Wednesday at that! Catch all of you next week.



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