InvArch Weekly Wednesday: April 13th, 2022

3 min readApr 14, 2022

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Hello everybody, how are you all doing?! Thank you for tuning into another InvArch: Weekly Wednesday project update!


First and foremost, the InvArch technical team has been working on finalizing Pallet_IPLs (IP Licensing). This will be bringing an international compliant aspect to copyright agreements, licensing, and copyright exchanges to blockchain [in other words, bringing it on-chain to the Polkadot ecosystem.]

To briefly introduce as well, the team has also been working on a piece of InvArch technology that would be available to test out–an integration/service, something we are looking to deploy sooner, for individuals to use where they will be able to do the following:

  • Connect their GitHub and socials
  • Institute contributions and experience tracking
  • To create badge/rank minting systems
  • The badge/rank systems would be able to mint such badges and ranks that individuals would be able to own and carry with them throughout the entire Paraverse; this would also lead to unlocking additional features not just within the project they are working on, but across chains as well.

In the future, we would then expand the above integration/service to include the following:

  • Repository Onboarding: to completely onboard individuals’ repositories on-chain
  • File Fingerprints (xcHashprints): cross-chain hashprints to their IPFs or files in their repositories
  • Repository Staking and Donations: powered by OCIF

This will all be coming prior to GitArch, which is the main application that individuals can expect to use. GitArch will be the final form of what was mentioned above. We will first allow individuals to test out these features as we continue on our way to fully realize GitArch.


InvArch Eduseries

Coming back to the InvArch EduSeries; the last time we talked via Weekly Wednesdays, the previous article released was the InvArch Series 4: The SIPA Revolution & A New Golden Age of Innovation. This is where we introduced SIPA or SIPAnomics–Scalable Incentivized Proof of Attendance models.

We decided that it would be good to give a bit of a break from the last InvArch Eduseries release so that all of you can fully process and digest all the information coming from the EduSeries. But now we are ready to dive back in!

The next article is InvArch Eduseries 5: Supercharging Developers & Empowering Innovation with OCIF. We are anticipating having this finalized and released by next Monday, if not, then no later than next Tuesday. OCIF stands for “On-Chain Innovation Funding”–something that is very powerful and consists of 3 different models, and 3 different mechanisms that help bring it to life.

Vote for InvArch for POLKADOT DECODED

As many of us have seen throughout the Polkadot ecosystem, InvArch (including many other projects) is in the running to be part of POLKADOT DECODED’s final conference program!

POLKADOT DECODED is known to be “the biggest Polkadot event of the year.” The entire InvArch team would be very honored to have InvArch be part of Polkadot Decoded. Founder, Dakota, will be representing InvArch at the event and delivering his talk on XCM: The Future of an Authenticated Internet. It’s imperative to bring this to the Polkadot ecosystem, not just to have the ability for verifying authenticated records of ownership, but also the ability to have authenticated verified uniqueness of the data they own. This is not just for InvArch, but for the entire Polkadot ecosystem and other welcoming parachains, and will be something very powerful to bring Web3 to the next level.

The link to vote can be found here:

Only a few hours are left to vote! We genuinely appreciate your support.

In essence, this concludes this week’s InvArch Weekly Wednesday! More of a refreshing take on what’s been going on within the project; great things are happening with the Technical team as we look to bring GitArch to life, being on the shortlist for Polkadot Decoded, and looking to roll out the next InvArch Eduseries article.

Thank you for watching and/or reading this update, and we’ll see you next week!




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