InvArch Weekly Update: August 11, 2022

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Happy Weekly W- … Thursday to all of you InvArchitects out there and to the rest of the Dotsama and Web3 communities!

A little bit unorthodox for us for pushing out this week’s project update today (Thursday). We experienced some technical difficulties with how we go about recording the InvArch Weekly Wednesdays, but this also gave us more time to get certain things fulfilled and thus ready to present to all of you today!

Let’s get to it 💪


Tinkernet is now LIVE on Kusama!

A few days ago on Monday, August 8th, 2022, Tinkernet went live on Kusama!!!

It is official, everyone, the square one for innovation, the leading edge of NFT technology, the “Community Proving Ground” for kickstarting ideas is officially live and producing blocks on Kusama. Not to mention, after onboarding to Kusama, we also have done a successful runtime upgrade on the chain.

The Divine Timing of Tinkernet & More On INV4-GIT
And if you have been paying close attention to what’s been going on in the space of crypto and the broader Web3 community, Tinkernet going live seems like it was uncanny, divine timing as it was around the same time that GitHub suspended developer accounts and censored a codebase. What we are referring to is, the underlying premise of all of this, especially for some of us on the InvArch team as developers (including many of our fellow Parachains’ teams throughout the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems and external ecosystems), code is our language for communicating and expressing ourselves!

It is our “voice,” and having that censored is like having our freedom of speech censored.

This allowed many individuals, and many developers across blockchain ecosystems to realize that we, at InvArch, have been foreshadowing events like this, especially with our canary network Tinkernet, and INV4-GIT. The realized reality is, that it may be your work and your project and therefore your code, but you don’t truly own the code that’s on a server that isn’t yours.

Moreover, the beauty of it all is that Tinkernet went live on Kusama and what it stands to symbolize censorship-free, censorship-resistant storage for your code, ownership for your code, and version control. With INV4-GIT, it completely bridges the git protocol to Web3, the same native git protocol developers are used to and utilize to manage code on their local environments, all of which are used on GitHub — this same exact functionality and version control is supported on Kusama, on Web3, thanks to INV4-GIT!

Individuals can store and manage their git repositories as NFTs (which are stored on the Tinkernet blockchain), push and pull changes, clone from the chain, and with more enhancements coming in the future, all on-chain, managed through their CLI or Command Line Interface.

Mix all of what is known about INV4-GIT with light clients (power of Substrate!), and what any developer can have is a truly decentralized tech stack!

Tinkernet Crowdloan Rewards: UI Teaser

Above, this is a sneak peek into what will become the UI / webpage on our website where all Tinkernet Crowdloan supporters can claim and view their TNKR reward tokens. You’ll be able to connect your wallet to claim your TNKR tokens, check your balances, and check your vested tokens.

You can anticipate this going live no later than the end of next week!


New Cointelegraph Article

Earlier today, a new Cointelegraph article was freshly published!

This is an educative article piece called, “NFTs and intellectual properly, explained,” diving deeper into the question of whether or not you receive the IP rights of a non-fungible token that you purchased. On top of that, this educative article also emphasizes InvArch’s significant and crucial role in the world of NFTs, Intellectual Property, and what it means for Web3 and beyond.

Check out the Cointelegraph article here:


Last week, we introduced YoudleDAO to the InvArch and broader Dotsama community!

To date, we’ve had 4 of the golden “Custom Youdle” tickets sold, burned, and redeemed. Two of the custom Youdles have been fully created and minted, the third one is currently in progress, and the fourth one was recently redeemed!

We are really excited for all the Youdles so far that will be joining the YoudleDAO family.

First off, with updates on YoudleDAO, we have launched 28 Semi-Custom Youdle Tickets available. Similar to the Custom Youdle Tickets, these Semi-Custom Youdle Tickets will first start off at 25 KSM, and every 6 hours the KSM amount will drop by 1 until they hit a floor price of 15 KSM each.

You can get your Semi-Custom Youdle ticket here:

And more exciting news on YoudleDAO… 👀

Earlier today we announced the YoudleDAO #NFTGiveaway! There are three (3) winning placements:

1st place: 1 x Custom Youdle Ticket

2nd place: 1 x Semi-Custom Youdle Ticket

3rd place: 1 x Semi-Custom Youdle Ticket

The Custom Youdle Ticket includes a custom Youdle that is tailored to match the purchaser’s appearance, including a custom background, custom features, custom accessories, a voting power of 10, Level 3 access, and a Base Rep of 100/1000.

The Semi-Custom Youdle Ticket is classified as “DAO Moderatooooors” and comes with 2 custom features, 1 custom accessory, a voting power of 5, Level 2 access, and a Base Rep of 50/800.

To learn more about YoudleDAO, check out our previous in-depth article!

To enter the YoudleDAO #NFTGiveaway, all you need to do is the following:

  1. Follow @YoudleDAO, @TinkerParachain, @InvArchNetwork on Twitter
  2. Retweet the YoudleDAO #NFTGiveaway Announcement on Twitter (Click Here)

The winners will be announced on August 15, 2022!

To conclude this “Weekly Thursday” project update: Tinkernet finally has gone LIVE and is producing blocks on Kusama + successfully underwent its first runtime upgrade, the UI for all Tinkernet Crowdloan Supporters to use is coming out next week, and a brand new Cointelegraph article on NFTs, intellectual property, and InvArch has been published, the Semi-Custom Youdle Tickets are now available and we just launched a YoudleDAO NFT Giveaway on Twitter!

Thank you for all of your patience and for sticking with us on this update, and we’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming next week! 🚀

P.S. It’s #TinkerTime⚙️ on Kusama! 😉




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