InvArch Weekly -9/24/2021

The InvArchitects behind the project are pleased to announce the project’s first weekly update, which marks the beginning of the InvArch Weekly series.

A lot of things are going down this week at InvArch! It’s hard to wrap them all up in one article, but here goes nothing:


The engineers developing the InvArch chain are approaching the delivery of their first development milestone. The team has successfully implemented the ability to mint intellectual property tokens, and are now finishing up the final touches of code.

To be more specific, InvArch is happy to share that the development of the Pallet_ipt and Pallet_ipsare complete, and that the Pallet_ipo is being finalized and expected to be complete by this weekend.

Here’s a sneak peek (Credit: Gabriel Facco de Arruda):

Pallet_ipt is responsible for handling the runtime logic needed for tokenizing intellectual property tokens (IPT), Pallet_ips is responsible for handling the logic needed for storing intellectual property sets (IPS), which are collections of related IPTs, andPallet_ipo realizes the fractional ownership mechanism.

By this time next week, these development milestones will be completed!


It goes without question, the InvArch community has been booming lately! The team announced the “InvArch OG” giveaway event, only to fill all 250 spots in just a few hours. This was followed up by the announcement of the InvArch Ambassador Program!

There have been over 125 applicants at the time that this article is being written, and they look amazing. There are applicants from all throughout the blockchain ecosystem and all around the globe! Ambassadors will begin hearing back by September 26th, 2021.

Incoming Ambassadors can anticipate a preliminary project, depending on their working group. The following groups will begin first: Graphic Design, Translation & Moderation, Videos & Vlogs, and Articles & Blogs. Senior ambassadors will be selected based on the results of these first assignments.

Also, the project announced its first AMA event! The AMA event will take place on Saturday, October 2nd at 2 PM EDT in the InvArch community discord. Don’t miss it!


We’ll have a lot more to share in this department soon, but for now, all we can say is that we are near completion on the first deliverable under a grant that InvArch was approved for, and that investors have taken notice and begun proactively reaching out to the founders. More to share soon…


There truly is a ton of different things going down over at InvArch, and this is a busy week for the team! From development to community building, and even fundraising, this upcoming week is set to be a pivotal moment for the project. The founders are excited, development is slightly ahead of schedule, and the future is looking bright!



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