InvArch Weekly-12/17/2021

This week the team reconnected with the community and had a blast answering questions. The team talked about some pretty exciting things!


This week, the team touched on SmartIP Contracts, which are smart contracts stored as IP Files (IPFs). SmartIP Contracts stored as IPFs can be combined into IP Sets as dApps, be owned by multiple owners, and experience the benefits of IP staking! Storing smart contracts this way opens the door to many exciting possibilities. 🚀

The team also mentioned anticipation for a testnet as early as next month! It will not be incentivized and will be open to all who wish to test out the basic functionality of the InvArch chain. More detail will be released between now and January as plans finalize.

Dakota Barnett had mentioned a new version of the InvArch whitepaper would publish by the end of the year. Accordingly, updating the project’s documentation is essential with all the exciting updates and refocuses.
Furthermore, a new website is launching for InvArch in the coming days. Sneak peek below 👀

Lastly, the team also hinted at the InvArch Builders Program. The InvArch Builders Program is anticipated to launch during early Q2, 2022. The program would fund teams and projects to build exciting applications using InvArch, or add to the InvArch infrastructure. Just a little something to look forward to in the future.😎


This week was truly incredible! The team held their second AMA and had the opportunity to talk with the community, answer their questions, and share some new information about the project.

If you missed out on participating in the AMA live, no worries! The community can find a recording of the InvArch Community AMA below 🙂

As mentioned in the AMA, the team will be preparing two different events for the InvArch community.

The first event will be a competition, and the winner(s) will receive a reward in $DOT! The team will release the full details of the competition tomorrow. (HINT: Make sure you’re following InvArch on Twitter,

The second event won’t be a competition but a wholesome thank you campaign held by the team. The community can anticipate getting a reward to recognize their early support and symbolize how much it has meant to InvArch.

Speaking of, InvArch is happy to welcome its newest round of Ambassadors into the InvArch Ambassador Program!

@Psalmmy23 | @Alphress | @Wistar | @l1l1ya | @pupirish | @MacFroZLE | @andrewleo | @hilly_crypto | @Ese offishal | @borisbritva | @Ak | @Blessing DiamondMark | @sere_09 | @Rus | @Aram | @mhiztavoice | @Clowes | @Nikita Shvetsov | @Engr. Lorenzo | @Andrei | @SHASLIVCHIK | @vatrushka | @pampushka | @keksik | @pirojino | @krendel | @mood akk | @Meshgan | @sophiiumanah | @Ednut | @Leonardbnkz | @marksolovev | @gp1 | @Dapper | @BohgdanM | @SportMaster | @Khelly | @fredobaba1 | @kriptoFemida | @hotbin17 | @blaqbobby | @kononenkorussia | @TheWaqas | @Max Harazha | @MakGlobe | @$$C koyaanisqatsi | @Avesomexoxo | @Kaznachej | @Monkey Boy | @Deli Balta | @Valor | @sails | @HungryATM | @Kris Moris | @sueta | @Sea | @Kazkanat | @ramafadillah92 | @Aleksey | @lebrag | @A/X | @dagestan_official | @Terehov2727 | @Georgi | @Grijis | @pavelly605 | @goldstream | @MAD | @ElectricWizard | @regionauto07 | @Authority | @Usoltseva Kseniya | @Dava | @kimalynn | @foresbest | @Gedeon74 | @Slava | @ivankhrenkov | @Dailyloveman | @AleksandrAleksandrovich | @alexanalex21 | @CrazyBrunette | @LOFT | @melehon | @didjey | @VictorOkodi | @MayorDefi | @Ewim Promise | @christoby | @MertvyiPiven | @deli_topsy | @EwuosoMayowa | @MayorDefi | @Robster | @AlekseyLoktin | @Unicorn | @unyime | @Itang | @littmort_ | @Mike K | @Ubica_Keka | @kelsi | @tramzez | @Alexandru Frant |

The program is growing! 😍


Remember, the “Finance” segment is gone for now. As mentioned in the InvArch AMA, a coordinated PR release is being planned to announce the project’s backers and supporters. Otherwise, this week has mostly been all about the community and having the chance to touch on some exciting new tech! Who knows what will be announced next!



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