InvArch Weekly-12/24/2021

It’s time for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean the updates stop! Like Santa and a chimney, it’s time to jump in! This weekly update will be short & sweet so that no one is kept away from their friends & family for too long.


Development is going strong; however, the team is taking a light break to recharge for the new year.

Currently, a partnership with a bleeding-edge oracle solution is in the works; however, like many technical partnerships that InvArch has secured, any formal announcement will occur after the close of InvArch’s seed round has formally been announced. One thing at a time.


We want to thank everyone who has participated in the project’s $DOT giveaway event on Twitter. The answers have been incredible. The team is looking forward to announcing a winner tomorrow at 5:00 PM EST. 🎉

The day after Christmas, the team will also be reaching out to its community over Twitter to start collecting the Kusama address of our supporters. This information will be needed so that we know where to send the End Of The Year NFTs to 😉

We also want to congratulate the following community members on their acceptance into the InvArch Ambassador Program:

@GameOver | @Ирина1986 | @eniitan | @CryptoSpartans | @smart_ruslan | | @crypto_lubov | @Dumitru 86 | @renoip | @zwiftscka | @neelleua132 | @MihailHalbekov | @Blizzard | @Kerry | @Gari | @Alina_ZLV | @DimJn | @Ilona | @Solitudinem | @ElPablo | @Adelinka_0405 | @Bpa4 | @ninyly | @Deb_AK | @Shevaha Diana | @Kseny | @olehmuliar | @netotenot | @Starsky | @Rich2blingz | @her_majesty | @VectorDias | @Julia457 | @Мария250986 | @Eemmiejay | @Ant1Antr | @samest | @OlgaMala | @hyunjong Cho | @2TheMoon ッ | @petrsavoy | @eKizim | @Владимир716 | @Edem, Francis Ime | @CryptoDNA | @Uwakmfon | @Misha1985 | @Sophie1442 | @First | @Fmande | @emeraldbenbela | @Jagwa | @Sanchi | @wealthpictures | @Augustine | @Oligamama6 | @Menorah | @KanishkaTK | @jakechan | @olegush | @Jephthah | @Ernest Oscar | @Wizzfarukk | @bright | @godwinshala | @Queenlargerb | @dappa | @dux | @luchyfrancis | @Eugen | @beger_va | @kravangelika | @Bhadmahn | @Ikenna007 | @oluwabukola | @dja17 | @CryptoForm | @Shubham | @june | @King El | @mattizzy | @Emmavin007 | @Anskid

The InvArch Ambassador Program is growing to impressive sizes. The new year is sure to bring a lot of exciting changes 👀

The team touched on everything from the $VARCH TGE to switching to SubSocial in an Ambassador Announcement released a few days ago. You can catch up on it below:

Lastly, a reminder of the InvArch AMA hosted by DeltaHub Capital. If you didn’t get the chance to have your question answered in the last AMA, here’s your second chance:


It looks like smooth sailing from here through the new year, with a few rewarding announcements left to make for the community and an AMA heading out of 2021!

As a reminder, the InvArch team will take time between December 24th and January 1st to recharge and power up for the coming new year. There will still be some activity on our social media accounts, but things will undoubtedly be a bit quieter while most team members spend time with their friends and family over the coming days.

The team wants to wish everyone a happy holiday season! 🎄



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