InvArch Weekly-12/03/2021

This week at InvArch, the team makes waves around tokenized IP technology. It’s hard for the team not to get excited when discussing the possibilities, so let’s share what we’re talking about!


Following up on last week’s technical announcements around cross-chain IP ownership & authentication, the team has been working hard to implement a mechanism for SmartIP Contracts. To authenticate files (such as smart contracts) as tokenized IP and an IP Virtual Machine for running these smart contracts.

More information will be released in the future. Still, for now, it’s essential to know that individuals around the world will be able to protect and authenticate the ownership of a smart contract but also utilize fractional ownership over it as well. This is just the beginning of what is sure to be a wave of revolutionary use-cases.

The VARCH token TGE date for this month will be formally announced in the next InvArch Weekly. 🚀


The Ambassador Program will be opening back up starting tomorrow at 5 PM EST. At this time, applications will be open to all and will remain open for the foreseeable future. Everyone waiting will now have a chance to join the community on a more direct level and help support InvArch and spread awareness of the exciting technological capabilities that the project brings to the world.

The form to become an InvArch Ambassador will be able to be found here:

With the expansion of the program, some restructuring can be anticipated to better reflect the needs of future governance mechanisms that are also planned.

Keep your eyes peeled to the InvArch Network (@InvArchNetwork) Twitter account, as an AMA announcement is expected to drop, soon 👀


Beginning next week, InvArch will start to announce and thank its partners publicly and supports in respect to the project’s seed funding round. After these announcements have concluded, the community can anticipate that the “Finance” section will be temporarily removed from the InvArch weekly. Whether this section will be replaced with a new topic highlight is yet to be determined.

When the project begins its next and final strategic funding round, it can be expected that this section will return. 😄


As the new year approaches at the end of this month, the team is settling in and getting ready to welcome a revolutionary new year led by InvArch. The team is developing new and exciting technology, and big announcements are coming!💡



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