InvArch Weekly-11/19/2021

How’s everyone been doing? It’s been an exciting week in the Polkadot ecosystem! With all of the excitement, we hope you still have room for more. Let’s get to it!


Not too much to report this week, development is going strong with InvArch! EVM smart contract functionality is nearly ready to go, at which point, basic functionality for minting intellectual property and launching Solidity-based smart contracts that can utilize this data will be possible! The beauty of being built using Substrate is that not only is InvArch about to have full EVM functionality and capabilities, but that through a forkless runtime upgrade in the future, InvArch will also be introducing WASM-based smart contracts!

This brings InvArch one step closer to being ready for developers to build and launch exciting dApps using the protocol! Afterward, the team will begin to focus on implementing IP & dApp staking mechanisms for the protocol. 🚀

InvArch is also fortunate and overjoyed to be welcoming Marvin Tong as the project’s Strategic Advisor. Marvin Tong is a blockchain legend and a true pioneer in the Polkadot ecosystem. As the Co-Founder of Phala Network, Marvin Tong brings first-hand experience building a major and highly successful protocol. Marvin signaled his support and interest in InvArch, noting the power and potential for the technology, and the team is beyond thankful to be able to tap into his wisdom and gain his advice! Make sure you give Marvin a warm welcome!


The Senior Ambassadors had their first Ambassador call with some of the team members! Ways to improve the ambassador program and make it even better for the members of the program, and a lot of awesome ideas were shared! As some restructuring to the program is expected, some notable changes are going to be implemented.

If you’re interested in joining the InvArch Ambassador program, then keep an eye out. The door may be opening soon… 😉

The team is also excited to share that the team has found their perfect match for the Social Media Manager role here at InvArch. No announcements just yet, but this amazing new member of the team will be joining this upcoming week.

To our InvArch OG’s waiting for a shirt… international shipping rates should be illegal. Long story short, the cost to ship would be more than 13x the costs of the shirts 😯 No worries though! The team is already looking into having the shirts remade in Europe and then shipped directly to our supporters :) At this time, we will also be shipping out shirts directly to supports in the Western hemisphere. Expect a full update next week, and everyone from the team would like to express their apologies for the delay!


As noted on DotMarketCap, the team has already secured contribution offers totaling a sum beyond the $1.75m fundraising goal; however, the team will be engaged in some additional talks with other interested funds through the next week and hearing all offers before deciding on all of the projects partners for this round.

The team at InvArch is focused on welcoming partners that bring strong value to the project beyond their funds. As a result, the team would like to ask the community to please be patient as we will be waiting to make any formal announcements until what will likely be the end of the month.


Nothing too crazy this week, but we are happy to report that development is looking healthy! The team is growing, with new team members on the way, and with future new team members still to be found. There is peace of mind knowing InvArch is funded, but now it’s all about choosing the right partners!



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