InvArch Weekly-11/12/2021

This week has been amazing! The team is excited to share what’s been going on, and what’s coming up ahead. Let’s break it all down!


Coming off last week’s technical announcements, the team has been working on adding EVM smart contract functionality to InvArch — this way Ethereum (Solidity) developers can start building on InvArch with little to no learning curve!

This will also allow for a new breed of decentralized applications to be born! Developers will be able to utilize the power of the InvArch protocol, and the amazing new development toolbox that it provides, to create applications that simply couldn’t ever exist until now.

Future applications that individuals could expect to see (or at least we certainly hope to see 😅 😎) include social IP collaboration networks, enterprise IP management systems, decentralized & incentivized education platforms, and even an iDEX (a decentralized exchange for IP Ownership).

All of these possibilities are the result of the adjustments that the team has decided to take regarding the scope of the protocol. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you should check out last week’s InvArch Weekly update to get up to speed. Check it out below:

The team is also excited to announce that we’re hiring! Any interested front-end devs and Web3 engineers out there? Apply by sending your resume/CV to You might just be who we’re looking for. 🧠


After 2 weeks and over 500 entries, we are excited to announce that the InvArch: Power of Ideas NFT event has come to a close. For this event, 5 exclusive NFTs were specially commissioned and crafted, all of which capture the essence and powers of ideas! As mentioned, 5 random entries were selected to each win one of these NFTs. Drum roll, please…

Winner #1: @Yunus_Leo1

All winners should message the official InvArch Twitter account (@InvArchNetwork) with the Polkadot.js address associated with their Singular (RMRK) profile.

Also, did we mention we hit over 8k members in our community Discord AND over 2k followers on Twitter? Because we did :)

Hop in the InvArch Discord here:

And don’t forget to follow InvArch on Twitter:

To our InvArch OG’s, your shirts are coming. The team ran into a few hiccups when trying to setup international shipping for the shirts, but a solution is currently in the works. We should have an update for everyone shortly.

Oh yeah, and a massive update/overhaul of the Ambassador Program is in the works… we’re about to kick things into overdrive!


InvArch can proudly say that it has raised $1.75m for its seed round which will help fuel the development of the project! Now, not all offers have been accepted and more contribution offers are rolling in daily.

The team is in a position to choose which partners to accept funds from and will be finalizing these decisions (while keeping in mind the offers that are still incoming) over the next week.

The team anticipates a full press release announcing the end of the round, and revealing a full list of our partners, no later than November 22nd.
Thank you to everyone who has pledged their support so far!


Technical Development 🔥 The Community 🔥 Fundraising 🔥 It’s been an incredible week. Things are about to start getting pretty serious around here as we take action on future partnerships and ramp up our team. Our team is growing, we’re receiving the support of the Polkadot ecosystem’s community, and we couldn’t be more grateful for this journey so far!

Thank you everyone, and check in next week for the next InvArch Weekly Update!



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