InvArch Weekly-10/29/2021

3 min readOct 30, 2021


This week’s update brings some big announcements, from notable changes for the focus of the protocol, to events going on within the InvArch community. Read thoroughly, because there’s a lot going on!


The team would like to announce a refined focus for the purpose of the network. Instead of serving as an Intellectual Property & Decentralized Development network, InvArch is going to focus on serving as an Intellectual Property Storage protocol with smart contract functionality for the Polkadot ecosystem.

This will allow more creative freedom for future developers who build on top of the protocol, and allow the team to focus on providing a decentralized standard for IP storage and strengthening the security and features of the network. This way a diverse range of new and exciting applications can be built on InvArch, such as an IP collaboration network, an IPOwnership DEX (IDEX), enterprise IP management tool, and even a decentralized and incentivized education network.

This change isn’t too significant; however, further updates and amendments to the InvArch documentation will follow within the next 1–2 weeks. The community can anticipate amendments to the InvArch roadmap, but these changes will, if anything, reflect a shortened path to launch. Ironically, by refining the scope of the protocol, InvArch allows for more creative possibilities being built on top of it.


InvArch is happy to announce the start of the Power of Ideas — Community NFT event!

The community event features 5 exclusive NFTs hosted on RMRK’s Singular platform and is open to all members of the InvArch community! The NFTs feature a collection of original works by Ana Gabriela Gatchalian-David that detail the power, beauty, and possibilities of ideas. In order to enter for a chance to win one of these 5 NFTs centered around the power of ideas, all members need to do is:

  1. follow the official InvArch Twitter account (@InvArchNetwork)
  2. like & retweet the pinned tweet at the top of InvArch’s Twitter profile (

You can check out the NFTs at

The InvArch Discord has always been bustling, especially with over 7.4k members! Now, it’s time to see that support pour over onto Twitter!

Additionally, the InvArch OG shirts have just arrived! From every InvArchitect, we have a feeling you’re going to LOVE them. Comfortable and stylish 😎 They’ll be shipping out within the next 7 business days. We’ll forward the relevant tracking information to each individual who filled out the order form as soon as the information is made available to us. 😄


Last week was a bit more steady than the week prior, being that most of the crypto world has been in Lisbon attending and participating in conferences. However, the team is happy to share that there is just $1 million to go!

The team is interested in firms and funds that can also bring significant value-add to the table. Specifically, the team is interested in areas of education, outreach, and business development.

Stay posted, as the team is already beginning to coordinate future announcements sharing on the partnerships made so far 🚀


This week features the refinement of the protocol’s focus. While this isn’t too significant, it is notable. A reminder that the team asks for patience and that additional details will be released in the near future. As we enter November, the community can also anticipate some pretty awesome design changes. All that and more, coming soon…




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