InvArch Weekly-10/22/2021

This week at InvArch was an important one, focused on guaranteeing the future development and success of the network. As usual, we have some exciting news to share, so let’s get started!


Development of the Pallet_dev continues, with the main functions for listing a DEV being the main targets of development at this time. The team has decided to take a slightly different approach for this Pallet in particular, so updates to the documentation on GitHub can be expected soon.

Otherwise, the team is lining up conversations to pursue key strategic partnerships, all covering aspects such as identity verification, incentivized storage solutions, network oracles, and social environments for collaboration, with many more to come.

We’re excited to share that we will be announcing one of these partnerships this upcoming week…

Another exciting announcement to share is that InvArch will be hiring soon! To all you Rust and Substrate engineers out there, this is your chance to work on something truly bold & significant. More information will be shared with the community, and the world, over the course of this upcoming week!


After receiving over 1.6k applications, the InvArch Ambassador program has stopped accepting applications. We would like to thank all who applied, and remind those that did not get accepted that more opportunities to join will come in the future!

To date, we now welcome nearly 400 Ambassadors to help represent, assist, and grow the InvArch community — which has grown to a size of over 7k members! 🤯🔥

Seriously, check out the Discord:

We are also happy to share that we have closed the window for submitting information to receive an InvArch OG shirt (to those who were eligible) and that the shirts have been ordered! We have a feeling that everyone is going to really enjoy their new swag 😎. Once the shirts have been made and delivered to The InvArch Association, they will be rerouted to those who filled out a form and a tracking number will be emailed to them 📦

We will also be officially announcing our NFT community event this Monday! This event will feature 5 exclusive NFTs related to the theme of “ideas” and will be minted using the platform! Details on how to participate in this event as well as a sneak peeks at the NFTs to be won will all be included in the announcement! 💡


This is where most of the energy was focused this week. The team has been approached by many VCs and firms. The team has approached many VCs and firms. This past week, the team has been holding meetings and discussions with some of the most influential, well-connected, and resourceful entities in the ecosystem and has raised over $1.04m in just 1 week! 🙏

The team is closer than ever to its target fundraising goal of $2.5m.

The team would have liked to make an announcement similar to last week featuring some of our newly attained partners but will be waiting until the close of the round before rolling out the final list. One thing is for certain, the team is extremely grateful for the amazing connections that have been made so far! 🌐


The team is getting ready to expand, which will help to speed up development and increase the talent base contributing to InvArch. This is a huge moment for the project, so we’re excited to share more in the days ahead. Additionally, as always, the community just keeps on growing. It’s amazing to see the amount of interest in the InvArch. What’s even more amazing is how talented its ambassadors are, they give it 110% and the team is eternally grateful! 🙏 The seed round is expected to be coming to a close within the next week or two. From here on out, things really start to get serious 🔥🧠🚀



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