InvArch Weekly-10/15/2021

The ongoing theme at InvArch seems to be that each week keeps getting better and better, and that theme certainly applies to this week as well! Simply put, this week was absolutely incredible. Let’s talk about it!


The team is actively developing the DEV Pallets required for on-chain partnership & development agreements. The Pallet_dev will allow users to establish project terms, roles & their respective milestones, and ownership allocations, and record all initial exposures of their IP Sets.

The team would also like to provide an updated and simple overview of the project’s architecture. To date, the IP Pallets have been successfully developed.

We love supporters who love code, and welcome them to check out InvArch on GitHub!

In case you missed it, InvArch is also happy to announce the completion of its first milestone under a Web3 Foundation Grant 🥳! Under this milestone, the development of the IP Pallets was completed, bringing InvArch one step closer to providing an intellectual property & decentralized infrastructure for Web 3.0! You can read more about the Web3 Foundation Grant and the work completed by viewing the announcement here:

The team has also been working to establish key ecosystem partnerships for InvArch’s architecture, with current talks already looking promising and fruitful. More information will be announced in the near future, so stay tuned 👀


The InvArch community just keeps on growing. It’s incredible! The InvArch Discord community has nearly tripled in size in just one week, currently consisting of over 5.5k members 🔥! What’s been possibly even more incredible has been the influx of interest and applications to join the InvArch Ambassador Program. In just 1 week, the program has nearly 1.4k applications 🤯! If you haven’t joined yet, what are you waiting for? Hop in now:

Applications are still coming in, and there are still a few hundred applications to review. Any members of the community who have not heard back, we ask for your patience. To date, 900 applications have been reviewed with 500 currently awaiting review. To date, we have welcomed over 200 new Ambassadors to the program! We would like to congratulate and welcome all of those who have already been contacted and welcomed into the program!

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Everyone who has been accepted into the program was sent a welcome email (new InvArch Ambassadors may need to check their spam folder) and has been the Ambassador role in the InvArch Discord. Further instructions can be found in the Ambassadors channel in Discord.

Ambassadors can anticipate the release of the InvArch Ambassador Program Handbook, which will provide a comprehensive overview of the entire program and its organization 📕

Additionally, InvArch is thankful to announce passing over 1k followers on Twitter! InvArch has also received a fantastic reception from the community regarding its recent thread on Twitter providing a brief introduction to the project (THANK YOU!!!). If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here, and see how Gavin Wood could have tokenized the idea for Polkadot using InvArch 😉

The team has also started collecting information needed from participants in last month’s InvArch OG event. Make sure you fill out the information form by October 20th to get your shirt!

Lastly, the founders of InvArch would all like to express their sincerest gratitude towards all of the project’s supporters so far. This level of support is the foundation that will help achieve broader public adoption and propel the project into the future!


Oh yeah, things are going well 😎

With public interest in the project growing and the traction witnessed so far, InvArch has caught the attention of some big names in the space. While a few talks have already concluded favorably bringing InvArch closer to its $2.5m fundraising goal, and there are still more scheduled for the week ahead, a special shoutout is in order to 1PAR Research, Ltd. for kickstarting the round 🔥

1PAR is a blockchain and Web3-focused early-stage research and investment firm that takes a thesis-driven and research-heavy approach in all of its decision-making. 1PAR has almost 3 years of experience operating in the Polkadot ecosystem, with a special focus on NFTs. 1PAR has previously backed other successful ecosystem projects, a notable and recent one being RMRK. You can learn more about 1PAR Research Ltd. by visiting their website below.

At the closing of this round, a full slate of InvArch supporters and partners will be announced. There are already some big names on the list, with (hopefully) more to come, all of which provide priceless and amounts of knowledge, resources, and connections to help bolster InvArch and ensure the long-term success of the network!


In summary, a lot happened this past week 😃! The team is thinking ahead strategically while continuing their work on InvArch. The community is starting to take a life of its own, with an amazing amount of interest in the InvArch Ambassador Program. The team has been actively fundraising and talking with some of the most well-connected entities in the field. InvArch is shaping up to be a well-known name in the ecosystem, and it’s happening so fast. October is proving to be a very significant month for InvArch 🌐🚀



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