InvArch Weekly-02/11/2022

3 min readFeb 12, 2022


This week was a little slower than most, on the heels of the project’s founder dealing with some medical matters; however, that doesn’t mean there was a pause within the project. Catch up on the week by reading the update below! 👀


Some final issues are still being solved; allowing for IP Sets to be replicated, and for IP Files to be seamlessly & interchangeably placed in differing IP Sets. The team has been focused on mirroring file functionality present using Git and applications like GitHub, which has been a big inspiration behind the architecture of IP assets. InvArch seeks to mirror this same composability & functionality among files, something that the team is on the heels of accomplishing. After the team has finalized the IP Pallets so that users can create, destroy, interchangeably move, bond, & replicate IP Files & IP Sets, then the next step is launching the Tinker testnet so that the world can try out this new tech for themselves.

The team will then be moving on to focus on Sub-Assets, Cross-Chain Authentication, releasing some pretty powerful alpha, where things will really start to get interesting!

Also, have you heard that the InvArch Whitepaper has been translated to not just Chinese, but also Russian now, too? Check it out below! You can also find all three versions (English, Chinese, Russian) of the whitepaper on the InvArch website by visiting:

Side note: the team is looking for a front-end Web3 rockstar 🎸 who’s looking to join an exciting project filled with revolutionary concepts & possibilities. Sound like you or someone you know? Stay tuned, a link to apply will be dropping this week on Twitter, Discord, & LinkedIn!


Time is running out to participate for your chance to win an Oculus Quest 2 and hang out with the team behind InvArch. If you haven’t yet entered, check out the link below before it’s too late! 👇

An announcement was also made in the InvArch community Discord (which now consists of over 17,000 members 🤯) letting everyone who signed up for an InvArch NFT Banner (but did not get theirs) to reach out so that they could get their NFT Banner minted & sent to them. Those who reached out can anticipate their NFT’s dropping this weekend 😄.

InvArch is also excited to share that the team has hired another team member directly out of the InvArch Ambassador Program 🤩. From Global Ambassador to Growth Strategist for InvArch, this individual will be joining the project to help establish coordinated methods for growing the community & reaching developers & like-minded supports who share a genuine interest in InvArch & the technology it introduces to the world! A formal announcement & introduction will be made next week! 🎉

InvArch Founder, Dakota Barnett & Co-founder, Kresna Sucandra, both took part in a truly awesome AMA, and shared the opportunity to discuss InvArch in further detail. If you missed out, you can catch this AMAZING Twitter thread provided by one of InvArch’s very own Global Ambassadors:

More AMAs are in the work, so stay tuned for another chance to take part!


Heads down, screens on, keys typing, building away. That’s the mood right now. InvArch is a project that grew very quickly, and the team is growing to not just accommodate, but also to make sure that InvArch is growing a community that will last a lifetime and more. Huge tech releases are coming soon; it’s all about delivering the best quality & innovative tech possible from here on out! 🚀




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