InvArch Weekly-02/05/2022

After a day delay, the InvArch Weekly is here to review everything that’s happened and what you can expect. Check it out down below 👇


The team has been working to finalize some upgrades to Pallet_IPS and looking to complete Pallet_IPR in the coming days. All of this is in preparation for the InvArch testnet: the Tinker chain. The goal is to ultimately provide a permanent, non-incentivized testnet for the community & developers to use in order to learn about (and try to break) InvArch technology & test their dApps. After all of the key technology regarding the INV4 protocol is ready to go, further details regarding Tinker will be released.

The team is also looking to make further upgrades to the InvArch website & available documentation, with big expansions being planned. For now, you can catch the InvArch Whitepaper down below:

Lastly, but certainly not least, the team is thrilled to welcome Matheus Braña Iannuzzi Baliones to InvArch as the newest addition to the team & Rust engineer. Matheus is working on something rather excited for the project; imagine if IP authentication & tokenization could be seamlessly integrated with Git? If that piques your interest, then InvArch has some exciting alpha to drop in your future 💻

All of this comes on the heels of the recent announcement that InvArch has raised $1.75m at a $25m valuation in order to kick the development of cross-chain IP utility and authentication into overdrive. Read about it in CoinTelegraph below:


Community growth is back & booming! With the InvArch community Discord now consisting of nearly 17,000 members, over 700 members (with hundreds more in the way 🤯) in the InvArch Ambassador Program, and surpassing 5,000 followers on Twitter, the team has decided to throw a campaign to provide the chance for 2 random members of the community, and 1 random InvArch Ambassador, to win an Oculus Quest 2. The winners will also be offered the opportunity to hang out with the InvArch founders & team in VR!

You can learn more about how to enter & contest limitations in the tweet below:

Additionally, the team is also happy to share the Chinese version of the InvArch whitepaper, available on the InvArch website (and down below).

The 🇷🇺 Russian version is on the way and will drop in a few days (sorry for the delay, everyone), and a surprise 🇩🇪 German edition will be dropping on the website soon, also! 🤓

The InvArch Ambassadors within the community can anticipate some earnings updates & governance proposals being made this week as well… 😉


This week was filled with announcements, with a big focus on tech set for the coming weeks. The team is growing, working hard, & ready to start rolling out some alpha info that will blow the world away. Stick around & you might just have your mind blown 🚀



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