InvArch Weekly-01/07/2022

The new year is finally here, and with it means the most important year for InvArch ever! It’s showtime everybody, and it’s about time things start ramping up into overdrive. Hang on tight, because we’re about to jump into the first InvArch Weekly of 2022!


The new InvArch website launching, technical updates on the development of SmartIPs, updates to the project's roadmap, the TGE using the Statemint chain, and the first InvArch testnet launch.

To recap and elaborate:

The InvArch website is essentially complete, we’re just waiting for some final media content to be created and/or added. It’s a huge improvement from the current website and is conveniently organized and mapped out in order to easily explore all of the new and updated information that you’ll be able to find.

The team would like to launch the first InvArch testnet in the near future. The goal is to do so by the end of January 2022; however, there is a possibility it doesn’t happen until mid-February, 2022. This is dependant on the development progress of SmartIPs. To briefly review, SmartIPs are IPs owning, creating, and utilizing other IP Files & IP Sets. The potential application is extensive and exciting, but we’ll wait for the whitepaper before diving in further.

In tandem with the new website launching, and because it is definitely needed as a result of the more recent changes, developments, and breakthroughs within the project, a new roadmap will be released. As with everything, the team is excited to share this with everyone 🔥

“Wen TGE?” — As soon as the Statemint Parachain is upgraded to a permissionless chain so that we can have the access and ability to mint an asset ($VARCH) ourselves. This will be soon, our team is talking directly with teams from Parity and we appreciate everyone’s patience. The Statemint Parachain will possibly (it’s designed well enough for it) be the future standard for minting tokens, and they come with ready-to-go interoperability within the ecosystem since Statemint is already a Parachain onboarded to the Polkadot relay (and as a common-good Parachain, it always will be)! Do you remember the InvArch IP Module allocations mentioned in the project’s tokenomics? Having the $VARCH token native to Statemint will make fulfilling these allocations a breeze! 💸

The updated InvArch whitepaper is imminent, and apologies for the delay. It was necessary to dedicate some time to take a breather over the holiday season in order to come back with the energy and mindset required to finish the whitepaper properly.

This is what everyone can expect over the coming days & weeks. It’s going to be a busy and exciting time!


Okay, so this is pretty awesome. We have a lot of announcements on this end, too!

First and foremost, InvArch is on SubSocial along with the original copy of this article (Check it out if you’d like:!

Check out the Official InvArch Space on SubSocial, here:

Additionally, InvArch is also branching out to expand its social channels further by (finally) launching the official InvArch Reddit! If you’ve ever spent time researching different projects, chances are you’ve found yourself on a Subreddit on occasion as a result. We’re excited to be joining the platform and hope to see you there!

Check out the Official InvArch Subreddit on Reddit, here:

And with all of this, we’re happy to announce that overhauls to the InvArch Ambassador Program will start being put into place starting this weekend. Ambassadors can anticipate an updated Ambassador Handbook and an announcement introducing these improvements. From the geographical organization of the program to the hierarchy design, and even expanding the opportunities to contribute and earn points.

At the end of last month during an AMA (check it out here:, the team noted that they would be rewarding our community with an NFT; however, we want to take it a step further and give everyone something even better, cooler, and with utility. So instead of an NFT, the team has decided to airdrop limited edition InvArch profile banners on These NFTs will not just be able to be set as your profile banner on the platform (which is pretty sweet 😎), but they will also bring their owners bonus rewards. This utility will be waiting to be unlocked during the InvArch crowdloan.

If you’re not already there, hop in the InvArch Discord and join a community of over 10k supporters and growing:

In the near future, a bot will be set up in the official InvArch Discord where users will be able to easily provide the Kusama wallet address linked to their Singular account. To learn how to get set up on RMRK’s Singular platform, check out this walkthrough provided by the founder of RMRK and InvArch’s Technical Advisor, Bruno Škvorc:

Seriously though, there’s no reason anybody should be hurting themselves (or just not even being able to participate in the world of NFTs) over Ethereum gas fees, not when RMRK exists.

Lastly, even though most of the world (and the team) was on break, InvArch took part in two separate AMAs over the holidays 🗣 The team was so happy and grateful to be able to answer questions from the different communities.

Shoutout to DeltaHub Capital ( for hosting InvArch on December 28th, 2021 in their community Telegram Channel, and to PolkaWarriors ( for hosting InvArch on January 3rd, 2022 in their community Telegram Channel.

You can catch a recap of the InvArch — DeltaHub Capital AMA here:

And you can find a recap of the InvArch — PolkaWarriors AMA here:


January is PACKED with loads of announcements. We have an upcoming PR campaign being established and are being positioned to execute the announcement of the close of our Seed fundraising campaign. We have a website, a testnet in the works, a TGE, an Ambassador Program overhaul, social media expansion, NFTs… and it’s only January.

Like we said, hang on tight. It’s about to be an eventful ride! 🚀



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