InvArch: The Next Chapter

4 min readNov 1, 2023


On October 24th, 2023, the InvArch Network successfully onboarded to the Polkadot relay chain as a parachain & started producing blocks. The InvArch Network is live! This is a massive achievement for the network long in the making, and with it, the next chapter for InvArch begins…

VARCH Token Distribution

Beginning Monday, November 6th, the InvArch team will begin collecting wallet addresses from Ambassadors. Most addresses are already collected, but a final check & attempt to reach past ambassadors will be made. This process will take two weeks, ending on November 20th. Communications will take place in the InvArch Discord.

On November 27th, a final calculation of VARCH distributions will be made; including distributions to InvArch ambassadors, It’s Grow Time participants, crowdloan supporters, early backers, & the InvArch core team. Token distributions are anticipated to take place within two weeks from this time, and a final confirmation will be announced during the release of the final distribution calculations on November 27th.

Saturn Multisig Deployment

Prior to the launch of the Saturn Multisig on the InvArch Network, an audit of the protocol is needed. The InvArch team projects the InvArch Multisig protocol will be ready for an audit by the end of November 2023. Following a successful audit, which the team anticipates taking anywhere between 1–3 months, the Saturn Multisig will be ready to deploy on the InvArch Network. At this time, an announcement will be made to the community.

With the launch of the Saturn Multisig on InvArch, the Saturn Gateway application will also be ready to support the Polkadot ecosystem & provide a multichain asset management solution. Prior to these events, the Saturn Gateway beta will deploy on the InvArch Tinkernet, where it will service the Kusama ecosystem.

DAO Staking on InvArch

At the time this article is being written, UX upgrades are currently in the works for DAO Staking on the InvArch Tinkernet. With the Saturn Gateway beta on Tinkernet, a smooth UI will be available for creating Saturn Multisigs, which can then be registered to the network for users to stake toward via DAO Staking. Upgrades to the DAO Staking UI will include support for additional DAO details, including member identities, an enhanced dashboard including historical data, and additional quality-of-life improvements.

These upgrades are being made in anticipation of DAO Staking going live on the InvArch Network in tandem with the Saturn Multisig. These upgrades are expected to roll out by the end of the month and will be fully available for users to experience prior to the launch of DAO Staking on InvArch. DAO Staking will go live on the InvArch Network at the same time as the Saturn Multisig goes live on the InvArch Network.

VARCH Airdrop for Tinkernet Users

This is more of an announcement of an announcement; however, the InvArch team is planning to release a method for calculating & ranking user activity on the InvArch Tinkernet, using a combination of TNKR holdings, DAO staking activity, and Saturn Gateway beta activity, which will result in a VARCH airdrop to qualifying network participants.

More details will be shared at a later date.

Chapter Overview

This next chapter of the InvArch Network, projected to occur over the next three months, will position InvArch to burst into the Web3 arena with momentum & powerful functionality. All needed information will be collected from the community, final calculations of VARCH distributions will be shared, and the network will move forward to the token distribution phase.

The experimental spirit of the InvArch Tinkernet will be fully embraced in anticipation of features launching on the InvArch Network. Features covering the Saturn Multisig & DAO Staking are being prepared & polished for users on Tinkernet, and Tinkernet users will be rewarded for their participation in the network.

Throughout this experience, and as the industry trends towards warmer times, the InvArch Network will grow energy around it like a snowball, rapidly collecting more snow as it rolls down a mountain! The InvArch team is excited for the next few months, especially as platforms are finalized, features are available, & users begin to be onboarded to a multichain future for DAOs. 🌐

To catch the latest announcements on InvArch, individuals should follow the InvArch Network & InvArch Tinkernet accounts on X (formerly Twitter), check out the newly updated InvArch website, and don’t forget to hop in the InvArch Discord & join a community of nearly 30,000 members!

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