InvArch Quarterly Update: Q3 2023

9 min readOct 11, 2023


Welcome to the Third Quarterly Update for 2023!

While the third quarter of 2023 feels like it flew by, it was an eventful time for the InvArch Network team & community. This update will cover the most notable events of the last 3 months — provided in a bit-by-bit format that is easy to digest & takes just 10 minutes or less!

The InvArch team traveled all around the globe since the last quarterly update, visiting Berkeley, Singapore, & Lisbon in tandem with rolling out buzzing new features & development updates. The team has been working hard to build the InvArch network alongside a growing network of supporters & future users.

There are a lot of fantastic updates to catch up on, so let’s quickly dive through everything starting off with the most obvious update of all…

The InvArch Network Rebrand!

The InvArch Network is evolving & has a new look that better connects the brand to the network’s mission:

“To connect people from all around the globe & empower them. To allow them to build, create, & share a better future” -Dakota Barnett, InvArch Founder

Inspired by the idea of individuals around the globe working together, the new logo features the bottom half of a globe with three individuals joining together, replacing the top half of the globe & symbolizing their placement all around the world.

This fresh look will soon be found across all InvArch Network content, including an upcoming upgrade to the project’s official website.

Saturn Gateway Funded!

The InvArch Network team’s proposal to the Polkadot treasury seeking funding for the development of Saturn Gateway has passed! Upon its initial release, Saturn Gateway will be a web app for multichain multisigs in the Polkadot & Kusama Network ecosystem. Enterprises, individuals, & DAOs will be able to manage all their assets across any given relay & its parachains — all with a single multisig!

Since then, the development of Saturn Gateway has been moving along with great progress (more on that soon), and the team anticipates the announcement of a public Saturn Gateway beta in Q4 of 2023!

Dakota on Dotcast!

While at Polkadot Decoded back in June, InvArch founder & project CEO, Dakota Barnett, sat down for an interview with the Dotcast team, which focuses on bringing updates to the Spanish-speaking communities across Polkadot

The interview was released in July, where Dakota shared an array of exciting updates coming to InvArch, its ambassador program (more on that soon), and elaborated on the excitement behind the Saturn Multisig & Saturn Gateway!

Polkadot Blockchain Academy at Berkeley.

The majority of July leading into August saw the InvArch Network founders team up with the Polkadot Blockchain Academy (PBA) to educate the next wave of builders in the ecosystem as guest lecturers — underscoring the team’s commitment to the overall success of Polkadot!

InvArch founder & project CTO, Gabriel Facco de Arruda, had the honor of concluding the Polkadot Blockchain Academy’s Developers Track, following up on Polkadot founder Gavin Wood’s lecture on XCM. Gabe gave a presentation on XCM use-cases beyond asset transfers, where he focused on inspiring the students of the academy with powerful & unexplored ideas of development for them to build!

Fellow InvArch founder, Dakota, had the privilege of assisting with the PBA’s pilot of the Founders Track, where he gave a lecture to students sharing his insights as a founder, shared the information he knows now that he wished he had on day one, and focused on the important of Capital, Community, & Consistency (The Three C’s).

By contributing to the Polkadot Blockchain Academy, the InvArch team was able to connect with a new class of builders in the ecosystem, strengthen the project’s roots in the ecosystem, and build strong relationships for the future. The InvArch team sees immense value in the PBA and is excited to have been welcomed back to the academy as staff-lecturers, where they will assist on an even deeper level this new year in Hong Kong!

Welcoming Yaki to InvArch!

In August, the InvArch team welcomed Yaki, an active Polkadot ecosystem agent known for his amazing skills & vibrant energy, to the team as the project’s new Lead Front-End Developer!

Since joining the team, Yaki has already proven to be a valuable asset. He has been working incredibly hard & diligently on the development of Saturn Gateway, demonstrating an excellent understanding of the best UI/UX development practices. The team is thankful for his work & excited to share the fruits of this labor with the world soon!

Polkadot Slot Auction Victory!

It has finally happened. Victory is here. After nearly 6 months of active crowdloan campaigning (longer than any project in the ecosystem’s history, and not due to a lack of popularity at that), the InvArch Network has secured its place on the Polkadot relay as a parachain!

InvArch is bringing extraordinary solutions in the fields of asset management & governance to the Polkadot ecosystem — solutions that can’t be replicated anywhere else! Most notably: the Saturn Multichain Multisig. One multisig for operations across any blockchain!

With a parachain slot on Polkadot secured after the win of the 47th auction (fun fact: 47 is a prime number), InvArch now looks forward to officially onboarding to the Polkadot relay chain in late October (soon™). Afterward, it’s Saturn Season, where InvArch will be looking to open channels & expand its services to every parachain!

The InvArch Network team cannot thank everyone who helped make this a reality enough and is forever grateful to all of the network’s supporters who helped secure InvArch’s slot on the relay. Details surrounding the launch of the InvArch parachain on Polkadot will be shared upon its completion, and details surrounding the network’s Token Distribution Event (TDE) for the VARCH token will follow once the InvArch mainnet is live.

Youdles2 Design Reveal & Development Updates.

Dakota also sat down with NFT enthusiast & Kusamarian reporter PNin to discuss the latest & greatest coming to Youdles2, including the reveal of the collection’s new art design & the launch of the upgraded collection on the Moonbeam Network using NFT 2.0 technology & RMRK NFT contracts on EVM.

Dakota covered a lot of what makes the upcoming upgrade so special while hinting at some of the incredible XCM-powered protocols that will power YoudleDAO (more on that soon) as a multichain DAO on the InvArch Network.

The legendary artist behind the collection’s upgrade, known as @SKULLZ_XXX on X (formerly Twitter), has been hard at work and even shared some insights behind just how massive the collection will be.

The design process for Youdles2 is in its final phase, focused on the upgrades of Custom & Semi-Custom Youdles from the collection’s first iteration. Upon completion, YoudleDAO will look to form & execute a marketing strategy as a DAO, hold a whitelist event for new holders that can bring value to the DAO, and finally conduct the launch & sale of Youdles2, with 80% of sales geared to further fund the DAO’s treasury.

InvArch Ambassador Program Revamp.

As its been known, the InvArch Ambassador Program is a flexible & evolving program on its way to one day entirely functioning as an independent DAO deployed on the InvArch Network (known as the InvArch Embassy). The program recently saw the announcement of some changes, most importantly, the expansion of the program!

This marks the beginning of efforts, led by the core InvArch Network team’s Community Manager, Mikhail (Follow him on X (formerly Twitter): @Elektroveniks) to diversify, organize, & autonomize the InvArch ambassador program & future InvArch Embassy DAO.

The InvArch Network has been gifted with incredible new additions to the program, including many familiar faces from the ecosystem. Make sure to find them on social media — they’re all amazing individuals & worth a follow. You can find them X (formerly Twitter) under the following handles: @EstherJade1, @parachainboy, @RafaelCabilla, @xcKernels, @ecocollectivist, @cao_lab, & @amedkareemm.

This expansion marks the beginning of new efforts dedicated to growing the global presence of the InvArch Network & the diversity of its community. The program now consists of ambassadors from all around the globe, from North America to the APAC, LATAM, & MENA regions, and all across Europe!

An opportunity to apply to join the program will come again soon, and with the expansion of the program, the InvArch Embassy will start to form as a self-sufficient & sovereign entity that trailblazes the growth of the InvArch community as a DAO with its own treasury!

Talking Multichain NFT Organizations at Token2049.

The InvArch team, founders Dakota & Gabe, plus Community Manager Mikhail, got together in Singapore for Token2049. While at the conference, & joined by fellow parachain teams at the Polkadot pavilion, the team showcased the InvArch Network & the latest updates to the Saturn Multisig — connecting with a diverse group of conference attendees!

The founders also sat down, connecting with PNin from the Kusamarian for an in-person interview while in Singapore. Dakota & Gabe amazed PNin time & time again as they unveiled the power of NFTs, existing on any blockchain, operating as members of multichain multisigs deployed on the InvArch Network. Garnering over 40k views in a week, it’s definitely a must-watch!

NFTs as DAOs, secure wallet/portfolio ownership transfers, and the ability for all pre-existing NFT collections on any parachain to tap into this functionality without the need for bridges — it’s all covered in this exciting interview!

Gabe (A Mad Scientist On Absolute Fire) — Sub0 & Keyless Accounts.

InvArch founder Gabe represented the InvArch Network at Sub0, the Polkadot developer conference, where he presented the latest updates of Saturn Gateway, including revealing the app’s new UI, and introducing NFTs as multisig members. For example, an NFT collection on the Moonbeam or Astar Networks will be able to be the members/signers of a multichain multisig deployed on the InvArch Network — allowing those collections to operate as DAOs, manage a multichain treasury, and transact across any parachain!

Gabe wasn’t done there, though. Multichain multisigs & NFTs as multisig members are innovative & powerful features that power the Saturn Multisig system, but Keyless Accounts will transform the way that Saturn Gateway is able to onboard new users. In the future, users will be able to access Saturn Gateway using wallets like Talisman, Nova Wallet, & MetaMask, in addition to some users being able to utilize the platform using something as familiar as a username & password using Keyless Accounts — secure non-custodial accounts accessed using a set username & password rather than relying on the need for a private key or seed phrase.

What can we say, Gabe is an absolute machine. This project founder & CTO works brilliantly & blazingly fast with an incredible sense of pride & passion for the InvArch Network!

Looking Forward to an Exciting End of 2023!

The last quarter consisted of an exciting 3 months of incredible progress for the InvArch Network; however, Q4 is shaping up to be the most exciting yet! The launch of the InvArch Network on Polkadot is upon us, the public beta of Saturn Gateway will be rolled out, and many more things are all on the way. Here’s to going out of 2023 with a bang & rolling in the new year with vibrant energy & growing momentum!

To catch the latest announcements on InvArch, individuals should follow the InvArch Network & InvArch Tinkernet accounts on X (formerly Twitter), keep their eyes on upcoming changes to the InvArch website (coming very soon™), and don’t forget to hop in the InvArch Discord to join nearly 30,000 community members!

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