InvArch Quarterly Update: Q2, 2023

8 min readJul 5, 2023

Welcome to the Second Quarterly Update for 2023!

It’s been an exciting & productive past several months, full of twists & surprises. With the conclusion of the second quarter of 2023, the core team behind the InvArch Network is pleased to provide a comprehensive overview of InvArch’s activities over the course of April, May, & June!

The past three months were dedicated to extensive work on the InvArch Network’s architecture and development of the Saturn Multisig, resulting in numerous achievements. InvArch has solidified its reputation in the ecosystem through its innovative and advanced technical solutions. The team had the opportunity to showcase their vision at various global events, engaging with an enthusiastic audience.

InvArch continues to be a leading voice driving mass adoption for the Polkadot ecosystem. Currently, the primary focus lies in developing Saturn, a pioneering multichain multisig solution — with exciting progress being made!

Without further ado, let’s dive into the details of this update and explore the remarkable strides made by InvArch during this period!

The InvArch Crowdloan: A Rollercoaster of Emotions.

Beginning during the first quarter of 2023, back n the 11th of March, the InvArch team officially announced that the crowdloan for a Polkadot slot had begun!

The goal was to secure slots #42 and #43, with the team facing formidable competitors, creating an atmosphere filled with excitement and anticipation. What followed was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Slot #42 was secured by the MoonSama parachain, leaving the InvArch Network, along with its remaining competitor, Peaq Network, with all eyes on slot #43. Just hours before the bidding process for slot #43, the InvArch Network crowdloan cap of 150K DOT was reached! Unfortunately, at the very start of the bidding phase, the Acala Network submitted a self-funded bid that exceeded the 150k DOT that the InvArch Network had secured through its crowdloan and eliminated any ability for the InvArch Network to win slot #43

Despite not being able to secure a slot during this batch, the InvArch team is grateful for the overwhelming support received. More than 1,000 individuals locked their DOT towards our project, which is a testament to the immense backing and affection InvArch has within the community. The InvArc h team is sincerely thankful for this support! It’s worth noting that all locked DOT were promptly returned to their respective owners once the bidding concluded.

Following up, the InvArch Network threw its name into the ring once more during the next batch of auctions, still limited to just two slots. The Moonbeam Network conducted a self-bid at the start, winning slot #44, whereas Peaq Network appears poised to secure slot #45.

However, the next batch of auctions is set to consist of 7 different auctions, with auctions being conducted at a faster pace than the last 2 batches of auctions. Additionally, several parachain teams from Polkadot’s first batch of auctions have reached out to the InvArch team to signal their support for the InvArch Network & to note they will wait for the InvArch Network to secure its slot on Polkadot during the beginning of the next batch before moving forward to renew their own — talk about an amazing community!

Saturn: The Future of Asset Management!

During the month of April, the InvArch team announced the creation of Saturn, a multichain multisig designed to be secured by Polkadot, powered by InvArch, and able to service any blockchain.

Just one month later, in May, the team announced the official release of Saturn SDK! The Saturn SDK allows user-facing clients, such as ecosystem wallets & dApps across the Polkadot / Kusama ecosystem to directly integrate Saturn to enhance the experience of their users.

The Saturn SDK offers comprehensive features and an intuitive interface, making it an ideal solution for various use cases. From decentralized organizations and collectives to individual users looking for improved security and control over their digital assets, Saturn provides unparalleled benefits.

In June, following up on the announcement of Saturn & the release of the Saturn SDK, the InvArch core team officially submitted a treasury proposal to Polkadot OpenGov for the development of Saturn Gateway — A Multichain Multisig Application for the Polkadot Ecosystem!

If you haven’t already, please consider voting in support of referendum #6 by checking out the link below:

Saturn Gateway will realize an intuitive interface specifically designed for multichain multisig management & activities within the Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem. It will provide the entirety of the Polkadot ecosystem with a secure and intuitive asset custody solution in the form of multichain multisigs.

Saturn Gateway will also help to realize a service that adds utility to the DOT token. All fees needed throughout the Saturn Gateway application can be paid using the DOT token. This increases the value proposition for DOT through this new utility and provides a smoother user experience for users.

Staying active & vocal throughout the Polkadot ecosystem!

On May 25th, Dakota and Gabe took part in Polkadot DeFiance online conference organized by Equilibrium and Talisman. The event was focused on Decentralized Finance in the Polkadot ecosystem. The talk took place via Crowdcast, and InvArch founders gave an outstanding Saturn Multisig presentation and answered some questions!

You can catch the recording via this link.

The InvArch team also introduced Ambassador Hangouts, a series of relaxed and informal conversations centered around InvArch, Polkadot, cryptocurrencies, and other fascinating topics! These engaging discussions occur on our Discord server and are led by InvArch ambassadors. It’s a delightful gathering that allows everyone to actively participate, connect with the team, and engage with the community.

Additionally, we are delighted to present Saturn Spaces, hosted by the InvArch team on Twitter Spaces. Saturn Spaces serve as a hub for tech-focused discussions featuring ecosystem guests, exciting announcements, and exclusive alpha drops! Stay updated on all the intriguing developments within the Polkadot Ecosystem by joining us in Saturn Spaces.

To ensure you don’t miss out on these events, follow our official Twitter account, where we will provide timely announcements regarding the upcoming Hangouts and Saturn Spaces. Join us for insightful conversations and stay connected with everything remarkable happening in InvArch and Polkadot!

InvArch at Polkadot Decoded!

The flagship event of the Polkadot ecosystem, Polkadot Decoded, took place in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 28th-29th. InvArch founders Dakota and Gabe were present at the event, and Dakota had the opportunity to discuss Saturn Multisig on the Impact stage.

The event was a great success, attracting numerous speakers and viewers from around the world. Many viewing parties were organized, and hundreds of online attendees enjoyed updates on the current state of Polkadot and various projects within the ecosystem.

Dakota’s presentation titled “InvArch: A DAO Economy Only Possible on Polkadot” received an enthusiastic response from the audience. During the speech, viewers learned about how the InvArch Network utilizes Substrate for gasless transactions in DAOs, the community-driven funding possibilities enabled by Polkadot’s shared security through DAO Staking, and the advantages of XCM in facilitating bridgeless multichain asset management and multi-sig account solutions.

You can watch the recording below:

Youdles2 — Coming Soon!

After nearly four months of development, unveiling the long-awaited Youdles 2 collection is just around the corner! The team has provided a sneak peek of what’s to come with the release. While the design of the collection has evolved, the essence remains unchanged — “YOU” have the freedom to be whoever you wish!

Every piece from the original Youdles NFT collection has been mapped to a new piece, upgraded, and all non-unisex items come included with a male & female resource variation which can be applied by holders.

Youdles2 is being prepared to launch on the Moonbeam Network & the Singular Marketplace using cutting-edge RMRK NFT smart contracts. More details will be released in the near future!

Additionally, the YoudleDAO notion page is now live! This centralized hub offers a wealth of information about everything related to Youdles, from the initial concept to a detailed breakdown of the items available!

Be sure to check it below:

Tinkernet wins another parachain slot on Kusama.

InvArch Tinkernet successfully won Kusama Auction #90 on June 30th, ensuring the network slot for another year! The team self-funded the bid.

Tinkernet serves as InvArch’s canary network and acts as an experimental staging ground for DAOs in the Kusama ecosystem. It is also home to the OCIF protocol & DAO staking, GitArch, and serves as a testing ground for the Saturn multisig.

Q2 was an incredible month for the InvArch Network, but the team is already looking forward to providing another exciting update to the InvArch Community for Q3 in the near future. With so much being done, it’s sure to be full of amazing updates!

To catch the latest announcements on InvArch, individuals should follow the InvArch Network & InvArch Tinkernet accounts on Twitter, keep their eyes on upcoming changes to the InvArch website, and don’t forget to hop in the InvArch Discord to join nearly 30,000 community members!

InvArch allows anyone to create decentralized communities, borderless businesses, & unstoppable organizations, and is designed to become the main hub of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) economy!




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