InvArch Partners With Subsquid To Archive Intellectual Property In Web3.

4 min readJun 23, 2022

The Dotsama Ecosystem, Web3 (June 21, 2022) — Blockchain has supported the realization of many revolutionary technologies; from a distributed public ledger (Bitcoin) to a distributed state machine (Ethereum). There is even a distributed governance system that unites different blockchains (Polkadot). Today, there are new revolutionary projects taking things to the next level like the InvArch Network & Subsquid. Together, they’re teaming up to fundamentally change how the world archives intellectual property using the power of web3.

The InvArch Network

InvArch is a revolutionary layer-1 blockchain network that realizes a robust infrastructure for IP assets, accelerated development, & cross-chain authentication of NFT metadata. InvArch is designed not just to allow new products of development to take flight but also to change how individuals & teams can develop together. Built on the Substrate blockchain framework & designed to launch on the Polkadot ecosystem, the InvArch Network is a fast, scalable, & interoperable chain supercharged by three novel protocols.

  • IP Tokens can be used to divide copyright ownership, voting rights, royalty claims, customized access rights, & more. The INV4 protocol features IP Sets & Files, new NFTs just as composable as the files on your computer. Like music, code, art, or any other file, they can all feature attached copyright & licensing agreements.
  • The OCIF protocol completely disrupts the future of funding & incentives by realizing on-chain staking, farming, & donations for IP assets, dApps, & startups.
  • The XCA protocol provides the first trustless method for verifying the authenticity & uniqueness of NFT metadata & files across all of Web3. InvArch realizes piracy-proof assets today for a plagiarism-impossible internet tomorrow to encourage open-source development while still protecting IP.

In a nutshell, INV4 assets are the files, folders, and licenses of web2 that everybody who’s ever used a computer is already familiar with. They’re fused with the non-fungible & fungible token technologies of web3. The InvArch Network harnesses the power of NFTs to achieve this.


Subsquid is the blockchain world’s data backbone, providing a framework for robust, natively multichain APIs and analytics on 33 networks (and counting). In a future that is multi-chain, Subsquid provides an extremely dynamic & increasingly crucial suite of tools for web3 developers. Some of the Subsquid’s key feature’s include:

  • Ultimate type-safety for Substrate runtime upgrades.
  • Easy configuration with autocompletion assist.
  • Seamless extension with custom SQLqueries
  • 10x faster storage calls compared to polkadot.js
  • Fast, simple, and hassle-free API configuration and deployment.

Subsquid is a GraphQL API provider and on-chain data aggregator. Its unique two-tier approach provides developers with rapidly decreasing data retrieval times and boosts API reliability, while its high level of customizability makes it the ideal query protocol for substrate-projects of any type and scale.

The InvArch Network Integrating With Subsquid

Subsquid is rapidly deploying Archives to gather data from available blockchains and the InvArch Network is set to join this array of chains, or more specifically, the InvArch Tinkernet parachain which is getting set for the upcoming 42nd Kusama slot auction. With the Tinkernet set to provide on-chain licenses pegged to NFTs, along with the ability for turning NFTs into DAOs, a new world of collaboration built between user’s data & digital assets will be possible.

With this comes a new world of collaborative possibilities. A strong framework for the data that will ultimately comprise this world will be needed, & possibly even more importantly, the ability to catalogue, organize, & archive this data forever. Using Subsquid, developers will be able to organize different frameworks for IP & the InvArch & Tinkernet parachains will establish permanent archives of this data for Web3.

In this future, as the InvArch Network begins unveiling its Cross-Chain Authentication (XCA) protocol, tapping into the extensive archive of data that Subsquid is already building among 33 other networks (and growing) will save the team extensive amounts of time, resources, & ultimately assist in the realization of a plagiarism-resistant future!

In anticipation of the InvArch Tinkernet & the ability for developers to use Subsquid & build new applications using the on-chain licensing & collaborative development, developers can check out how to create a simple squid in the tutorial below:

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