InvArch Partners With Crust To Provide True Web3 Storage For IP.

3 min readJun 27, 2022

Today the InvArch Network is excited to announce that it is partnering with Crust Network to store the data that comprises the InvArch Network’s IP Sets, IP Files, & on-chain IP Licenses. Using Crust Network’s fully decentralized, scalable, permanent, & privacy-featuring file storage solution, INV4 assets & NFT metadata will be sourced using the most advanced blockchain-based technology in its class.

Web3 innovations require Web3 storage solutions. Meet Crust Network, our trusted partner providing core values of decentralization, privacy, and assurance. Both teams strongly believe that next-generation permanent storage solutions should natively support the Web3 idea — a place of composable innovation, transparency, truth, security, and most importantly — always being available.

The InvArch Network

InvArch is a revolutionary layer-1 blockchain network that realizes a robust infrastructure for IP assets, accelerated development, & cross-chain authentication of NFT metadata. InvArch is designed not just to allow new products of development to take flight but also to change how individuals & teams can develop together. Built on the Substrate blockchain framework & designed to launch on the Polkadot ecosystem, the InvArch Network is a fast, scalable, & interoperable chain supercharged by three novel protocols.

  • IP Tokens can be used to divide copyright ownership, voting rights, royalty claims, customized access rights, & more. The INV4 protocol features IP Sets & Files, new NFTs just as composable as the files on your computer. Like music, code, art, or any other file, they can all feature attached copyright & licensing agreements.
  • The OCIF protocol completely disrupts the future of funding & incentives by realizing on-chain staking, farming, & donations for IP assets, dApps, & startups.
  • The XCA protocol provides the first trustless method for verifying the authenticity & uniqueness of NFT metadata & files across all of Web3. InvArch realizes piracy-proof assets today for a plagiarism-impossible internet tomorrow to encourage open-source development while still protecting IP.

In a nutshell, INV4 assets are the files, folders, and licenses of web2 that everybody who’s ever used a computer is already familiar with. They’re fused with the non-fungible & fungible token technologies of web3. The InvArch Network harnesses the power of NFTs to achieve this.

The Crust Network

Crust supports multiple storage-layer protocols, such as IPFS, and provides users with instantly accessible on-chain storage features.

Crust Network uses a trust-less and low-cost TEE-based technology called MPoW to validate and manage storage resources to build the decentralized storage network. Backed by MPoW, Crust is an open network that allows any storage servers to join. Files stored on Crust are encrypted to guarantee privacy. Crust features a PoS-derived consensus model called GPoS. With GPoS consensus, the network is safe, robust, and efficient. It is guaranteed and secured by both token assets and storage resources.

Crust Network provides an on-chain storage market called DSM (Decentralized Storage Market). Through DSM, users can easily upload files and place storage orders in the network. Files are stored with multiple replicas to provide high availability. In addition. Crust provides a storage assurance pool for customized or permanent storage of high-value files like NFT metadata.

Crust Network has recently announced its partnership to bring decentralized storage to blockchains through the Chainlink Network of oracles using Crust Network’s new External Adapter.

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