InvArch Network & RMRK Partner To Revolutionize The Future Of NFTs & Intellectual Property.

5 min readMay 22, 2022


Somewhere in DotSama, On the other side of the Relay — Imagine building for the future? While the rest of the world has been watching price feeds in a panic, there are at least two teams unphased by the recent moves in the market. While many projects in the blockchain space come and go as the aftermath of opportunism starves them, the teams behind the RMRK Protocol & the InvArch Network appear well fed by their ingenuities, with the only place both projects are determined to go being forward. Today, they announce their partnership & plans for powering the InvArch Network with the RMRK Protocol to usher in a new world of meaningful value and opportunity & to revolutionize the world of intellectual property (IP).

The RMRK Protocol

RMRK is a set of NFT standards that compose several “NFT 2.0 lego” primitives. Putting these legos together allows a user to create NFT systems of arbitrary complexity—the first eternally liquid, forward compatible, nested, conditional, & multi-resourced NFTs. RMRK NFTs are multi-chain by default & can support rich and interactive multimedia. Decades of development experience have been dedicated to building the most advanced NFT Protocol in the world. The results are RMRK.

The fruits of the RMRK team’s labor are live & available for the world to discover through their revolutionary Kanaria collection & their high-speed & affordable Singular platform. The team continues to work on next-level experiences using the RMRK Protocol, including the upcoming release of the browser-based metaverse Skybreach.

The InvArch Network

InvArch is a revolutionary layer-1 blockchain network that realizes a robust infrastructure for IP assets, accelerated development, & cross-chain authentication of NFT metadata. InvArch is designed not just to allow new products of development to take flight but also to change how individuals & teams can develop together. Built on the Substrate blockchain framework & designed to launch on the Polkadot ecosystem, the InvArch Network is a fast, scalable, & interoperable chain supercharged by three novel protocols.

  • IP Tokens can be used to divide copyright ownership, voting rights, royalty claims, customized access rights, & more. The INV4 protocol features IP Sets & Files, new NFTs just as composable as the files on your computer. Like music, code, art, or any other file, they can all feature attached copyright & licensing agreements.
  • The OCIF protocol completely disrupts the future of funding & incentives by realizing on-chain staking, farming, & donations for IP assets, dApps, & startups.
  • The XCA protocol provides the first trustless method for verifying the authenticity & uniqueness of NFT metadata & files across all of Web3. InvArch realizes piracy-proof assets today for a plagiarism-impossible internet tomorrow to encourage open-source development while still protecting IP.

In a nutshell, INV4 assets are the files, folders, and licenses of web2 that everybody who’s ever used a computer is already familiar with. They’re fused with the non-fungible & fungible token technologies of web3. The InvArch Network harnesses the power of NFTs to achieve this.

RMRK on the InvArch Network

RMRK As The IP Files Of Web3 — By replacing the current implementation of IP Files (Pallet_ipf) in the INV4 protocols FRAME with the RMRK Substrate implementation, the role of IP Files are served by RMRK NFTs. This means all of the unparalleled advancements & enhancements of RMRK 2.0 (& later versions) become the new standard for files in the InvArch ecosystem & Web3. On-chain IP licensing built into assets, fungible multi-class IP Tokens, IP asset rendering, Scalable Incentivized Proof of Attendance (SIPA) economic models built on these RMRK powered IP Assets.

Complex GameFi Exp. & Levelling Systems — In terms of the “hype” right now, the industry is having fun exploring non-transferable achievements & unlocking stats; users could easily compose a digital creature with health points, several stats, different attack moves, different stats for various attacks, built-in exp bonus multipliers, hidden stats that gain experience as you battle, items you attach to them, items they consume, evolving after leveling up, tracking evolving changing stats systems & skill trees, & economies around training these creatures. A Charizard. All on-chain. Limitless.

CLI Management & Transparent Git Commands— The InvArch Network is anticipating the future release of its INV4-Git middleware product for developers. INV4-Git is a tool used to manage versions of IP Sets & File (and now RMRK asset) edits that are then transferred to Root IP Sets on the InvArch blockchain (or any other Substrate-based chain that incorporates the INV4 Frame in their runtime). The team will later follow up with their premier application, GitArch. GitArch will provide decentralized hosting for INV4 Assets, just as GitHub gives centralized hosting to Git. This will realize a decentralized hosting solution for developers featuring incentivized & protected open-source development, in dApp funding resources, version control, & collaboration channels. Composable software & web development using NFTs? Duh!

RMRK On The InvArch Tinkernet (Kusama Parachain) — As the foundation for INV4, RMRK 2.0. sets the standard even higher as the most advanced NFT technology on Earth, proving its versatility as the foundation for constructing intellectual property-derived assets. With the InvArch Tinkernet seeking to deploy on Kusama this June 2022, the teams are excited to immediately begin tinkering with & sharing the innovations of their collaborations.

Visions For Further Collaboration

Exciting Innovations Now & Later— In the future, after successfully deploying the XCA protocol, RMRK NFTs can be upgraded to provide & support cross-chain authentication (XCA). XCA is a web3 protocol establishing a piracy-proof foundation for NFTs & IP. This upgrade means RMRK assets will experience piracy resistance & one day be fully piracy-proof across the web. Music NFTs are empowering, but piracy-proof music NFTs? That’s revolutionary.

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