InvArch Network Crowdloan Announcement

2 min readFeb 28, 2023

The InvArch Network core team is excited to announce the project’s plans to launch its crowdloan & claim its place on the Polkadot relay chain!

The InvArch Network is the DAO hub of web3, providing a multichain foundation for DAOs, multi-party ownership & intellectual property solutions suite, and integrations with blockchains across the Polkadot ecosystem & beyond!

The InvArch Network will join the Polkadot ecosystem as both a Service Parachain & an application-specific network. As a Service Parachain, InvArch will empower parachains across Polkadot with a powerful multi-signature solution, known as Saturn, & unlock the power of bridgeless multichain asset management & dynamic DAO treasury systems. As an application-specific network, InvArch will feature powerful & intuitive solutions for easily launching DAOs & connecting with an integrations marketplace full of DAO tooling & services.

In short, the InvArch Network is a super-chain for DAOs. From DAO primitives for structuring unstoppable organizations & defining their functions to IP primitives for facilitating collaborative development agreements & licensing deals, the InvArch Network is an extremely powerful network.

Proper DAO tooling, business-optimal multisigs, & community-empowering tools have been amiss in the Polkadot ecosystem; however, that is all about to change!

To learn more about the InvArch Network, please see the article below:

InvArch Crowdloan & Slot Auction Details

Up to 10,000,000 VARCH tokens (1% of the network’s total token supply) will be provided in exchange for raising up to 50,000 during its crowdloan. This is equal to 200 VARCH per 1 DOT contributed by InvArch crowdloan participants.

When provided, 2,000,000 (20%) of these tokens will be immediately unlocked & the remaining 8,000,000 (80%) will be locked, undergoing a linear vesting schedule by block over the course of approximately 24 months.

To learn more about the VARCH Token, please see the article below:

Slot Auction Date

The date of the InvArch Network crowdloan is slated to take between late March & early April of 2023.

Currently, the next batch of slot auctions is being prepared for discussion in accordance with Polkadot governance procedures. As soon as the next batch of slot auctions has been officially scheduled, an announcement will be made citing the InvArch Network’s intended slot auction number & the date.

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