InvArch Network: 2022 Annual Report

4 min readJan 18, 2023

The year 2022 was a foundational & groundbreaking year for the InvArch Network! The year was filled with capturing milestones and achievements, dauntless undertakings in founding and introducing revolutionary technology, and monumental growth of the InvArch community. Seeing impressive growth on the community and marketing side, breaking ground with the network’s initial protocols, and having the entire Polkadot ecosystem take notice, 2022 was more than just a great year for the project.

It was an absolutely defining year for the InvArch Network.

A year ago, the InvArch Network was not the project you know of today. Though it can be said that this project had a lot to not only offer at the start, but many things to unlock and unleash to the immediate Polkadot ecosystem, and to the Web3 community.

What’s changed?

To set the tone of this topic–project focus and positioning. InvArch began as “a network for intellectual property tokenization and decentralized development,” and shortly evolved into “a vision for an IP ownership, utility, and cross-consensus authentication protocol for Web 3.0.”

Today, the InvArch Network is known for something that is more fitting and providential. First introduced by Founder & CEO, Dakota Barnett, in the Alpha Chat with the InvArch Founders Twitter Space:

“The InvArch Network is a service parachain. We are a multi-party ownership, collaboration, and monetization network, built on Polkadot.”

The focus of the project from here on out is to generate genuine, true value by building and therefore providing innovative solutions that give way for others to generate value for themselves.

How can individuals, fellow parachains, & communities a.k.a DAOs generate value with and through the InvArch Network?

From introducing our first testnet a.k.a Brainstorm🧠⛈️, launching our canary network (the InvArch Tinkernet) on the Kusama network, fully completing the INV4 Protocol, to developing GitArch (a decentralized and censorship-proof hosting platform for software development and version control using Git) and introducing YoudleDAO and the Youdles NFT collection…

Through these initial network establishments and products, individuals can not only experience the power of InvArch technology, but come to experience the beginnings of how any part of the network or its infrastructure can genuinely offer an environment for building, developing, kickstarting, and collaborating in Web3.

When it comes to the InvArch Community and our social media channels:

What’s more is that the growth of our community as a whole has completely been through organic, grassroots efforts, and the team has been amazed at how many people have tuned into and stayed with the project thus far!

In terms of project achievements, a very notable one was completing our Web3 Grant Proposal. The team was initially accepted into the Substrate Builders Program on November 15th, 2021, and has since successfully developed several custom Substrate Pallets that make up the INV4 Protocol, and therefore, successfully delivered on our first milestone!

With the previously mentioned of our canary network, the InvArch Tinkernet, it too has had a successful, defining year. Its crowdloan becoming a smashing success raising over 10,000 KSM and thus securing a slot on the Kusama network, and holding a succeeding Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool Event on the Basilisk Network! And even a parallel “cherry on top” was InvArch Co-Founder and CTO, Gabe, winning the 2022 Golden Birdie Award for his exemplary contributions to the Kusama ecosystem for his work on Tinkernet, Light Clients, Trustless XCM Transacts, and more!

Of course, with the successful year that the InvArch Network had in 2022, we couldn’t have done it all without the friends we made along the way, including the RMRK Protocol, Crust Network, SubQuery Network, Subsquid, and the HydraDX Team (Basilisk Finance).

What’s next for InvArch in 2023?

At the time of writing, the OCIF Staking: Public Testing Event is live and ongoing for anyone in the Polkadot ecosystem and broader Web3 community to join and test out the staking feature of the OCIF Protocol! From here, the InvArch team is looking forward to deploying the OCIF Protocol on the InvArch Tinkernet!

Included in the pipeline are:

  • the CDK (previously referred to as the “DAOist” CDK) is a community development kit for launching truly decentralized and autonomous organizations
  • Saturn–a new multi-signature solution to be made open for use by every parachain and applicable by any dApp on such parachains
  • Polkadot Parachain Auction Announcement
  • RMRK NFTs on the InvArch Tinkernet
  • Major Parachain partnerships

Thank you

To everyone–from our initial project supporters, the many InvArch Ambassadors, our investors, all participants of the Tinkernet Crowdloan and LBP, all members of YoudleDAO, and our parachain partners, for helping to make 2022 such an incredible year for the InvArch Network!

If you would like to check out our 2022 Annual Report in full, please click here.

And here’s to a successful year in 2023 at the InvArch Network! 🎉




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