InvArch Monthly Update: October 2022

10 min readNov 16, 2022

October was an absolutely eventful & successful month at the InvArch Network! The team was sharp and coordinated on all fronts as they delivered on the InvArch Tinkernet’s LBP Event with Basilisk Finance, as well as stirring things up in YoudleDAO with a giveaway & airdrop, and dropping impressive GitArch alpha.

The #BUIDLing and shipping just won’t stop at the InvArch Network!

Are you ready? Let’s take a deeper look at what October was like for the InvArch Network! 👀

YoudleDAO: A Twitter Thread on Youdles Being Part of a True DAO

Starting off the month of October was a Twitter Thread published on the YoudleDAO Twitter Account!

This particular Twitter Thread explored 4 main areas: Defining a DAO, the structure of YoudleDAO, the utility of Youdles NFTs, and Rainbow Youdles Accessories!

To expand the thread, check it out here!

The Kusamarian’s P-Ninja on YoudleDAO, feat. XCAstronaut

Still on the YoudleDAO front, the InvArch Team was honoured to have a video done on YoudleDAO by the amazing creatives at The Kusamarian, and a big shout out to P-Ninja (@BalanceBorn on Twitter) for leading this coverage and interviewing InvArch’s very own, Dakota Barnett (@XCAstronaut on Twitter)!

To watch the full video, click here!

InvArch Decoded by The Kusamarian’s CSaint!

Another fantastic video produced by The Kusamarian is one spearheaded by CSaint! In a segment called “CSaint’s Alpha Shots,” where CSaint takes a more extensive look into the Paraverse, he “dives deep into the acronymatic world of InvArch!”

The InvArch Team is thankful to have this video done on the project, and encourages you to check it out here!

CoinTelegraph Article Published on the Tinkernet LBP Event

The InvArch Team made a special announcement on October 5th, 2022, detailing the immediate Dotsama community & the broader Web3 community on the first-ever Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool event! The LBP event took place on October 12th, 2022, with the InvArch Tinkernet as the first project to hold the event, and Basilisk Finance providing the infrastructure and host the LBP campaign.

Check out the initial CoinTelegraph announcement here!

Crane’s Financial Analysis on Tinkernet’s Native Token $TNKR

Crane, a well-known thought leader in the Dotsama ecosystem, published his article, “Financial Analysis of $TNKR” in the days leading up to the $TNKR Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool event on Basilisk Finance!

This financial analysis was very well written and gave the Tinkernauts and the rest of the InvArch Network community a more financial and economical understanding of the $TNKR token and how rewarding it would be for $TNKR holders!

Dive into Crane’s article here!

The YoudleDAO: Tinkerooooors Giveaway

Due to the rapid growing interest & enthusiasm for Youdle Ticket NFTs and YoudleDAO itself, YoudleDAO announced the “YoudleDAO Tinkerooooors Giveaway!” This giveaway was to open up a huge final opportunity for anyone in the Dotsama and Web3 communities to get their hands on a Youdle Ticket NFT and access to YoudleDAO.

The rules of this giveaway were easy & simple: the top 20 contributors to the Tinkernet (TNKR) Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) event will win one of 20 prize packages.

To learn more about the details of this giveaway, check out the official announcement here:

Releasing the Complete Tinkernet LBP Participation Guide

With the announcement of the first-ever Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool event to ever take place in the Dotsama ecosystem gaining momentum and interest from both InvArch Tinkernet and Basilisk Finance rising, a guide on how to participate in the LBP event was definitely called for!

In this guide, $TNKR LBP participants were able to follow specific steps, from setting up their wallet, buying $KSM tokens, and swapping tokens!

You can check out the guide here:

TinkerTalks EP. 02 with Joe Petrowski from the Web3 Foundation

In this second episode of #TinkerTalks on the InvArch Tinkernet’s (@TinkerParachain) Twitter Spaces, it was an honour to host Web3 Foundation’s Joe Petrowski, alongside InvArch Founders, Dakota Barnett and Gabriel Facco de Arruda.

An insightful conversation took place on this day. Topics such as Polkadot governance, how the InvArch Network is involved, the complexities of on-chain governance, and exploring how the DAOist CDK is improved with Gov2, were discussed!

Check out the full recap here:

The Tinkernet LBP Event Goes LIVE on October 12th!

The InvArch Tinkernet and Basilisk Finance both made Dotsama history together by successfully launching the first-ever $TNKR Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool to ever occur in the ecosystem!

Initially, there were two pools in this LBP event:

  • $TNKR <>$KSM
  • $TNKR <> $BSX

Shortly after the launch of the LBP Event, the Nova Wallet team announced their new dApp feature, “Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools” going live and were made available via the Nova Wallet dApp catalog. This was great news to $TNKR LBP participants who were also Nova Wallet users, as it allowed them to participate all the same.

On the second day of the $TNKR LBP Event, The Kusamarian’s Indiko and MonteCrypto published a video showing how to transfer $KSM tokens from the Karura Network to Basilisk Finance in order to participate in the $TNKR LBP event (and events in the future) on the new Snek App. You can check out this video below:

And finally, in the final hours of the LBP event, Tinkernauts, Sneks, and the rest of the Dotsama community witnessed the repay target of the KSM pool being hit at the 4–hour mark (indicated by the Basilisk Finance team!)

In the end of the Tinkernet LBP Event (as initially reported by Snekmaster lolmcshizz in his Twitter Thread), the price of $TNKR finished at $0.90 (KSM pool) and $0.999 (BSX pool). By these numbers, the FDV or Fully Diluted Valuation of $TNKR between $10.5 million and $11.7 million and a market cap of between $900,000 and $1,000,000!

Further into lolmcshizz’ Twitter Thread, he went on to report that both pools reached their repay targets, which means that both LBPs required near-zero capital costs in order to seed liquidity, and 330,000 $TNKR was distributed during the two LBPs!

You can dive into lolmcshizz’ Twitter Thread here:

The InvArch Network and the HydraDX teams thanks all those who participated, supported, and helped broadcast the first-ever $TNKR LBP Event to happen in the Dotsama ecosystem. It was truly a fun time for both teams & their respective communities!

Dakota hosted on Pendulum’s October 13th Community Call

On October 13th, 2022, InvArch Founder, Dakota Barnett, was invited to speak on Pendulum’s Community Call, along with other phenomenal figures in the Dotsama ecosystem such as Manta Network’s Kenny L., BitCountry’s Chris Carmona, and Gear Technologies’ Pavel Salas.

You can check out the recorded Twitter Space here!

RMRK Roundtable on InvArch, NFT DAOs, and Decentralization

The InvArch Team and community was happy to see InvArch Network Founder, Dakota Barnett, invited back again for another RMRK Roundtable via Twitter Spaces!

In this RMRK Roundtable session, you get to hear more about what the InvArch Network is, what NFT DAOs are, and Dakota’s insights on decentralization!

Check out the full recording here:

GitArch: Dropping some Alpha on October 18th!

As the InvArch Network Development team continues their diligent & gigabrained work on GitArch, the home of #UnStoppableCode, the team decided to drop some [progress] alpha (recorded by InvArch’s Co-Founder & Head of Development, Gabriel) and share it with the InvArch Network and broader Dotsama & Web3 communities!

Check out the video here:

Announcing Dakota to Deliver a Talk at Polkadot Summit!

The InvArch Network team was excited to share (in advance) that InvArch Founder, Dakota Barnett, was scheduled to deliver a technical discussion on GitArch: Unstoppable Code for Unstoppable Developers!

The entire event was held on November 9th, at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco!

Announcing the YoudleDAO $TNKR Airdrop!

On October 19th, 2022, the InvArch Network team announced the YoudleDAO $TNKR Airdrop!

This $TNKR token airdrop announcement was made to inform YoudleDAO members of its utility in regards to the DAO itself, and how they can be fully equipped to utilize the DAOist CDK.

The InvArch Team was happy to underline that 3% of the total $TNKR supply will be allocated toward YoudleDAO and its members, 2% of the supply for vested airdrops, and 1% of the supply for the YoudleDAO Treasury.

Check out the full announcement below!

A YoudleDAO AMA in the Kusamaverse

Towards the end of the month, YoudleDAO’s XCYoudlooooor (a.k.a InvArch Founder, Dakota Barnett) was hosted on an AMA, moderated by YoudleDAO’s YoudleJay (a.k.a InvArch’s Social Media Manager, A.J.).

The InvArch Network team was delighted to see quite a few Youdles join in on the AMA, ask questions & inquire about YoudleDAO itself, how to level up, more details on Rainbow Tickets, and more!

A big thank you to Anna and Nick from MomentumXYZ for helping us get acquainted with the Momentum platform to get prepared for this AMA!

Check out the video recap below!

GitArch: More Alpha Dropped with InvArch’s Pedro Filho!

On October 24th, 2022, InvArch Network’s Lead Front-End Web3 Developer, Pedro Filho, shows GitArch private beta testers how to create a new repository using GitArch!

GitArch — a censorship-proof version control dApp, where GitArch users can deploy modular and tokenized codebases using NFTs.

Check out the video alpha in the tweet below!

Subsquid x GitArch: Unstoppable Code hosting Unstoppable Squids!

As a member of the GitArch Private Beta, Subsquid–the team behind squids, a better standard for Web3 data extraction and transformation, minted their Squid Template repository as an NFT, which is also hosted on-chain!

Subsquid is the blockchain world’s data backbone, providing a diverse and vital suite of tools for Web3 developers. As a member of the GitArch Private Beta, they are working together with the InvArch Network Development Team to see to it that GitArch becomes the most seamless and scalable alternative to centralized code hosting platforms!

Check out the photos in the tweet below:

Polkadot Insider’s Tweet on the InvArch Network!

On October 28th, Polkadot Insider–an insightful analytics & news account in the Dotsama community on Twitter, published a detailed tweet on the InvArch Network!

The InvArch Team was proud to see details on InvArch Network technology infrastructure being put together in an educative infographic!

Check out the tweet here.’

Tinkernet: A Twitter Thread on $TNKR Staking!

With the $TNKR LBP Event concluded, and Tinkernauts, InvArchitects, Sneks, and others holding on to their $TNKR bags, IP Staking is the next exciting realization for the OCIF (On-Chain Innovation Funding) Protocol on the InvArch Tinkernet network!

This Twitter Thread on $TNKR Staking explores what the $TNKR token is, what $TNKR Staking is, and how to buy $TNKR today!

Check out full Twitter Thread here:

If you made it to this part of the monthly update, it can be said that October was an extremely eventful and exciting time for the InvArch Network team!

Looking at the Month Ahead

Our plans for November are:

  • Youdles NFT Minting & Bonfire Event
  • InvArch’s Co-Founder & Head of Development, Gabe, to speak at Sub0 (November 28–29, 2022)
  • Polkadot Crowdloan Announcement

Thank you for reaching this month’s InvArch Monthly Update, and we’ll see you next month for November’s update! 🚀




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