InvArch: Innovation Drive Competition.

The InvArch EduSeries recently concluded its first several articles, which introduced & explained the power of the INV4 Protocol. Now, the team is challenging the community to let their imagination run wild & craft their best Twitter thread sharing their vision of how InvArch & the INV4 Protocol will reshape the future of web3. To celebrate the 5 best threads, the InvArch team is providing a prize pool of 200 $DOT!

If you’re inspired by an innovative use-case, excited for how a certain industry can be empowered, or bullish on how InvArch can strengthen the Polkadot ecosystem & the team invites you to take your shot at winning a share from the prize pool. The 5 best threads will be decided by the entire InvArch team; each member having the ability to cast 3 votes. Factors such as information accuracy, vision novelty, strength of the vision, & thread popularity will all be considered at the time of voting. The prize structure can be found below. ⤵️

🥇 | First place: 100 $DOT
🥈 | Second place: 50 $DOT
🥉 | Third place: 25 $DOT
4th | Fourth place: 15 $DOT
5th | Fifth place: 10 $DOT

Interested in learning more & taking part in this epic challenge? Check out the information below for competition details & how to participate! ⏬

  1. Confirm That You’re following InvArch (@InvArchNetwork) on Twitter.
  2. Create a Twitter Thread with a minimum of 5 Tweets & using the #InvArch & #200DotChallenge hashtags.
  3. Make sure to introduce the problem being addressed or innovation being realized by the InvArch network’s INV4 Protocol.
  4. Wait for the team to announce the winner during the InvArch Weekly Wednesday update on May 11th!

👉 All in all, the InvArch team is eager to see what all of you can come up with! May the best thread win!

(Any use-cases selected as winners have the potential to be adopted by InvArch or used as an example in the future, by providing a use-case you understand that if selected you risk forsaking your claim to any IP that may be created as a result)

Our readers can find editions 1 through 4 of the InvArch EduSeries below.👇

InvArch EduSeries 1
Reviewing the problems of IP attribution, copyright management, & development barriers.

InvArch EduSeries 2
Introducing the InvArch Parachain, its core protocols, and the novel innovations that define the network.

InvArch EduSeries 3
Zooming in on the unmatched composability of the INV4 Protocol, IP Sets & IP Files, and international compliance with InvArch’s IP Licenses.

InvArch EduSeries 4
Expanding on the novel features of the INV4 Protocol, multi-tiered fungible IP Tokens pegged to IP Sets, and Scalable Incentivized Proof of Attendance (SIPA).



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