Introducing The InvArch Questers Initiative

3 min readFeb 16, 2023


When it comes to the blockchain project space, when someone hears about growth, it often leads them to immediately think about one thing in particular–raising capital. Don’t get it all wrong, from one project to another, raising capital is an essential. It’s what fuels production in a given project’s various departments! From business development, to product management & fulfillment, and marketing. But there’s something just as, or even more so significant and important that drives the growth of a project!

Here at the InvArch Network, we truly believe in the power of community. So with that, we are happy to introduce The InvArch Questers Initiative, hosted on Crew³!

What is The InvArch Questers Initiative?

The InvArch Questers Initiative is a community onboarding & engagement experience to help InvArch Community Members onboard and get involved! It is hosted on Crew³, where InvArch Community Members are able to become more acquainted with the project by completing quests, participants in sprints, earn experience points (XP), rank up the roles ladder and also earn rewards!

What are quests?

In essence, quests are tasks that can be easily done to earn experience points, move up on the leaderboard, and earn rewards.

What are sprints?

Sprints, are essentially community contests that run for a specific amount of time. InvArch Community Members (a.k.a “InvArch Questers”) are able to earn XP and rewards by participating in a given InvArch Crew3 Sprint.

What are the roles and how to rank up?

All InvArch Community Members interested in participating in the InvArch Questers Initiative will start off with the role Quester Rank. To rank up, all that is required is for you to keep completing tasks & earning experience points!

The ranks are as follows:

1. Recruit

2. Specialist

3. Master

To get more out of the experience as an InvArch Quester and therefore, to earn more XP and rewards, keep up to date with the # 🏆 | crew3 channel in the Discord Server for all announcements on upcoming InvArch Quests and Sprints!

Introducing the First InvArch Quest Initiative

With this initial announcement, we are happy to also announce the first inaugural InvArch Sprint!!!


This very first InvArch Quest Initiative on the Crew³ platform is designed to help you get onboarded onto the InvArch Network! But what makes this Sprint different with future Sprints?

By participating in this first InvArch Quest Initiative, participants will have the opportunity to be christened with the unique role of Quester 20! This role will be given to InvArch Questers who finish in the top 20 on the leaderboard at the end of the first InvArch Initiative. In addition, these same final top 20 InvArch Questers will share in a pool of 1000 TNKR tokens!

*Clarification: This participation period will conclude on Monday, February 20th, 2023 at 4:00PM UTC. A snapshot of the Top 20 InvArch Questers on the InvArch Questboard will be taken.

The first InvArch Quest Initiative starts today! Click here to head to the InvArch Crew3 page and start participating!

Good luck to all InvArch Questers and let’s continue the growth of the InvArch Network!

We don’t want your email, but we’d love for you to join our community! 💜

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